Amanae's birthday is May 17th



Amanae is the 5th member of the F.A.R.T platoon. He is the younger brother of Rakugaki. He didn't actually have a rank when they left for pekopon.  He is currently a new recruit, but he is being considered for the tech position. His house burned down as a child, causing both of his parents to assume he and his sister didn't survive and move away without them. It also caused his sister to forget who Amanae was when part of the burning house fell, landing on her head. Amanae is 15 years old and quite the personality. He was brought on the cruiser to go to Pekopon by his older sister, after he convinced her that she was his trainer so he wouldn't be be left on his own on keron. He is usually seen digging in the garbage for "vintage" items, flirting unsuccessfully with various people, or hanging out with Parara, a member of the enemy platoon.


Amanae is usually a sweet guy, but if you don't know him, he a jerk. If you try to have a conversation with him, he will mostly just speak in memes or squeals.

Amanae is a very clingy friend because he is afraid of rejection.

He likes to flirt with random people and his friends jokingly, generally beginning with his signature pickup line "Hey sexy"



Amanae is 1.5 feet tall. He has a light purple skin color, and a sun insignia. He is usually wearing his plaid scarf, thick glasses, braces, and red hat. He takes on a hipster appearance.



Amanae's hobbies include flirting with girls, drawing on pekaponian property (Ex: Walls, fences, cars, etc.) He likes to garden occasionally, but hides it out of embarrassment.



Amanae has an intense fear of fire, due to the traumatic expirience he had with it as a child. He is also afraid of being alone. He is afraid of heart break which is why he is very hesitant with his actions concerning romance.