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"Song is a voiced art, my brothers."
Wordplay name ANR
Aliases Ana
Age 13
Gender Female
Species / Type Human
Date of birth September 20th
Occupation Student
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This article is about "4th Time Line", a Keroro fan-history about an alternative universe, made by GralOsorio, which combines with the videogame Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, well known in Japan due to some actors.

Anara Nogoyev is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. She is a soviet-kyrgyz student in Japan, best known for her voice, which made her famous. Her parents are Aibek Nogoyev and Gülnar Beshimova, both kyrgyz citizens.

Name writing[]

His complete name is written as:

  • Kyrgyz: Анара Ногоева-Бешимова (Anara Nogoyeva-Beshimova)
  • Russian: Анара Айбековна Ногоева-Бешимова (Anara Aibekovna Nogoyeva-Beshimova)
  • Japanese: ノゴイェフ・ベシモフ、アナラ (Nogoyefu·Beshimofu, Anara)

Aibekovna is her patronymic. It's only used for identification in the russian language, it means "Daughter of Aibek".