AT Ariri by NekoKirby
Art by Deviantart user NekoKirby
Wordplay name  ???
Aliases  ???
Age 12
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth  ???
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Ariri (アリリ,) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a Sergeant (軍曹, Gunsō) of the Korere Platoon.

Ariri Angel by KilomFrostPrower

Angel Ariri


Ariri is a young boy from Keron. His past is a bit of a mystery, as he doesn't like to tell much about it.


First LifeEdit

Doesn't say much about his previous lifetime, but it is known that at one time, Ariri was human, and part of a government test to try and communicate with Extraterrestrial life. The experiment failed with him as it had his close friend, Raxin Sobauki, the year before.

Current lifeEdit

Is now a Keron and a Sergeant in the Keron Army after a persuasive recomendation from his former platoon leader, Korere(currently deceased).



  • Is goofy and laid back almost all the time, but is a genius with incredible quick thinking skills and logic. Don't play a game of chess with him if he's in a serious mood
  • Musical Prodigy
  • Pretty dang quick on his feet
  • Skilled in the use of a vast amount of weapons


Musical PowersEdit

On top of being a musical prodigy, Ariri crafts his instruments with his own hands. The instruments are created to resemble other normal instruments, but they are infused with a special type of energy that allows many different powers to be used. The effects vary, depending on what style of music Ariri plays.

Blues Elemental control over water
Rock Elemental control over lightning
Jazz Partial weather manipulation
Funk Slows down time for specified targets
Metal Elemental control over wind
Heavy Metal Opens a portal to the underworld
Synth Control of light-based powers
Classical Protects friends from bladed objects
Country Heals and encourages friends.
Oriental Calms down friend, foe, and nature
Van Halen style Elemental control over earth/fire

Sealing SpellsEdit

Ariri learned from his mentor, whose name he will not mention, about seals used to limit or hinder the powers of mortal and immortal creatures. After his mentor's death, he promised never to use these skills unless absolutely nescisary.

Elemental and Energy Based PowersEdit

Ariri is an Otaku, and can use many powers similar to those he sees on TV. Basically, If a character has used the ability on TV, and it's not to powerful, Ariri can use it.


  • Incredibly Smart
  • Is gentle-hearted and always cares for others
  • Is incredibly agile
  • Has had an entire life's worth of experience already
  • Refuses to die if a friend is in danger


  • Has ADHD so focus is defiantly not his strong point
  • Doesn't get angry easily, but when he snaps, he becomes a violent and raging beast
  • Is ridiculously naive sometimes
  • Every once in a while, he will become female for a day and then change back, but is weak and powerless in this alternate form, not because Ariri is female in this form, but because it is not a familiar form to him, making it difficult to do some things
  • Has a tendency to go ballistic on anyone who says anything offensive about his love interest, Moriri
  • Becomes lost in his own little world when watching TV
  • Addicted to Pocky
  • Is a bedwetter, and is very sensitive about the subject
  • Doesn't have much stamina, so using his special powers takes a lot out of him, usually ending with him passing out. His lack of stamina also causes him to not be able to run very long distances.


Love interestsEdit


Close FriendsEdit




Rikiki(Was once turned into a pokemon and captured by her too, ahh, the good times.)


Deruru/Raxin Sobauki


Platoon MatesEdit






none yet


none yet




Shikaka - When Ariri was born as a Keronjin, he didn't have a family. his mother and father were dead, and he was just an egg left in an ally to die. Shikaka(age 6) found him and took care of him, despite being homeless herself. Over the years, the two have always treated each other like brother and sister.

Yadada - Yadada has done things to several Kerons that are far beyond PG-13, so I'm not going to say anymore, you can guess what she's done with Ariri

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