Barry is a mailman who has an unusually large fascination with the supernatural. Although you could compare him to Fuyuki Hinata in this sense, the similarities between the two end there. He can be highly parinoid, and is known for the habit of carrying a random weapon at all times. (Where the HECK does he get the weapons from, anyway?) Although you'd think that his obcession with the supernatural would end up ruining his career, this is not the case. Barry delivers the mail flawlessly, and has never missed a day or address. In appreciation, the postal service gave him the Golden Mailbag, the highest honor in the Postal service. (Besides the honor of the Mail Globe, given to mailmen who delivered to every address in the world. (It's impossible normally, but a mailman going by the name of Terry used a B-52 to achieve it, though it was revoked 6 minutes later after the telephone lines were flooded with complaints of nobody getting their mail, recieving instead empty envelopes.)) At one point in his life, he noticed that the water from his drink was gone while not in the line of sunlght, correctly assuming that aliens (no other than the ARMPIT platoon, in this case) had been stealing resources from the planet. About 2 months later, he bought a telescope, and has been spotted on the roof with the telescope staring into the stars. Currently, Barry is taking a vacation until further notice, so he can see more.

(Writer's note: this is the first time I've done something like this, so don't hate on me, OK?) (Writer's note 2: feel free to add content, coz i'm not working on it anymore!)

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