Biru Suparou
Wikia - Biru
Age 15
Gender Male
Species / Type Skydonian
Date of birth Kiranis 2nd (February 27th)
Occupation SkyStream Member
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Biru Suparou (Biru Suparou) is a fictional Skydonian character made by Cyberdark Horus (or HorusLV). He's the main character of a Fan Series called "Keroro SkyStream" and the first Skydonian made by its owner.


Biru was born in Skyriven, at Kiranis 2nd 1843 a.A. (More or less February 27th 1990). He began to go to school at age of 4 and got the Maturity at 10. During an invasion from the Vipers, is managed to get a good impression to Garu Fokasu (his hero) and this helped him to enter inside the SkyStream (useless say that he left the school). At the moment, he has the Rank Breath F0 (the lowest) and works in the Jaruda Force as Warrior.


His blood group is HJ. He has a very good agility and skills with the sword: he says that it's thank to the fact he often imitated Garu. His best friend is Fuku Mahobaado, which he knew a day before to become a Member saving him from some bullies at school (and getting beat...). His nature is usually cheerful and doesn't give very much height to the things, even if he knows when it's the case to be serious. Loves sweet and spicy foods. His Attribute is Fire and his Invocation is Fokurus.


  • Burning Loop - Makes a fire circle and can manipulate it. Disappears after 10 seconds.
  • Shot - Covers himself with flames and hits the enemy at very high speed.
  • Magmastream - Does a vertical slash, throwing a beam of fire against the enemy.
  • Ignitia Spiram - Burns the sword, then jumps with an explosion, turning round and hitting the foe while he's still turning. At the same time, makes a burning spiral with the sword.
  • Fireworks - Barrage of blazing punches. Finishes with a fire wave (from Burst to Kiloburst).
  • Volcano Impact - Hits the ground with the sword and makes an explosion around the area.


  • Flash Over - Firestorm which hits everything (allies and enemies).


  • He got his waistcoat as gift from Garu. For this reason he's pretty fond to it.
  • His main weapon is the Standard Sword. He has a Standard Gun too, but he uses it rarely.
  • He's intolerant to the cellulose: this means that he can't eat vegetables like the salad.
  • He has a bad aim: once he even almost killed himself shooting with the gun.
  • He has a younger sister called Nera.
  • He loves action movies.

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