Chimama (チママ) is a fan-character series of Sergeant Keroro (Keroro Gunsou - ケロロ軍曹).


Chimama is a Keronian who stays in China since baby. She is a very kind-hearted girl and love matrial arts, especially the folding-fan moves. She wants to travel the world to eliminates the darkness.


Chimama looks like a Chinese girls. She has brown hair with 2 ponytails tied with 2 violet orb-like balls. She use violet bracelets on her arms and has a light green eyes. She uses 2 black folding-fans as her weapons. Her symbol is a gold folding-fan.


Chimama is a garrulous character and easy to likes something. She is funny, attractives, and also likes cooking although her food's taste is bad. She'll depressed like Chief Medic Pururu when someone call her auntie. She is also a little careless person but will be very serious when have a battle. She has an abillity to controls the wind with her folding-fans's moves.

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