Cororo finish


"This scar is proof of my ability to survive"
Age 19
Gender male
Species / Type keronian
Date of birth march 19
Occupation keronian soldier
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Cororo is a fan-character of the series Keroro gunso. He is a member of the Zapepe platoon, and is ranked lance corporal. 


Cororo is ranked lance corporal and is a member of the Zapepe platoon. He is violent, stubborn, and gets irritated with his allies easily. He crash landed with his platoon on earth. He is stuck on earth with his platoon, who have no interest in their mission to survey and scout earth. Because of this, Cororo often gets angry with his teammates. However, at times, Cororo can be nice, and is a strong ally, who will help out any of his platoon.


Cororo's blood type is O


Cororo grew up with his childhood friends, Zapepe and Mubaba. He was the strongest of the group at them at the time, warding off bullies and other threats. together, they joined the keron army and set out on a mission to survey the milky way, before crash landing on earth.


Cororo is a green keronian, with a white belly. He wears a gray mask, with ripped folds on either side of his hat. He has a large red scar running down his face. He carries a large, corrosive sword. His mark is a red, jagged letter C.


cororo values his friends and would protect them at all costs. He fought a lot with Zapepe when he was younger, but together they make a great team.

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