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The "Cassiopeia"

The Cassiopeia is a space pirate ship captained by the Keronian ex-navy pirate, Hakeke. It has three levels, the top level containing the bridge, crew's cabins, and game room. The middle level houses the kitchens, auxiliary storage, and miniature greenhouse. The bottom level is home to the brig, restrooms, and a small sitting room.


Captain: Hakeke

First Mate: Anana

Second Mate: Shikiki

Deck Cadet: Takeshi Saito

Boatswain: Relala

Ordinary Seamen: Jusisi and Jisusu

Cheif Engineer: Hororo

Cheif Steward: Lilolo

Duties/Rank Definitions[]

The captain's duties are basically having legal responsibility for the ship. If it were damaged, the captain would have to pay for it. The captain is also basically the boss. He is responsible for driving the boat in some cases. 

The first made is basically an assistant captain. She is in charge of the deck crew (everyone except engineers/chefs) and would stand in for the captain if he is not able to do the captain-ing.

The second mate acts as the first mate's assistant. He is usually the navigation officer.

The deck cadet is a trainee sailor. He learns how to do important things needed around the ship. In Takeshi's case, he is in charge of everything the rest of the crew aren't doing.

The boatswain is basically the first mate, but without the duty of second-in-command. She is in charge of ordering people around.

The cheif engineer's job is to supervise the maintenence of the engines. Since Hororo has no assistants, he maintains the engines himself.

The cheif steward would normally be in charge of the cooking and cleaning staff. Lilolo is basically the ship's chef/seamstress. She is also in charge of who gets which chores.

All these guys were created by doctorCatastrophic. If you would like to RP with any of them, please do so on my talk page. :)