Wordplay name  ????
Aliases cyprus, cy
Age 9
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth September 11th
Occupation none
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Cypupu (シッパパ Shippapa) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso, He is from The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (北キプロス・トルコ共和国, Kita Kipurosu Toruko Kyōwakoku)


to be a small child and is the younger brother of Cyruru though his clothing imitates Turkeke. He has red skin and brown eyes.

Personality and InterestsEdit

  • TRNC speaks in a monotone voice and is noticeably more stern and quiet than his older brother. His style of dress imitates Turkeke.



Grecece openly hates Cypupu, and threatens to disown Cyruru unless he cuts off all communications with him. Likewise, Cypupu dislikes Grecece for getting into fights with Turkeke, and will often try to aid Turkeke against him.


Sealala attempts to make friends with and claims they are both siblings, but cypupu reminds Sealala that while he is recognized by Turkeke as a sibling, Sealand is recognized by no one as an actual keronian (not even by Igygy or Swedede). Sealand begins to cry, and he later attacks Cypupu in a fit of rage, causing a fight between Grecece and Turkeke to reignite nearby


Turkey is the only keronian to recognize Cypupu as his sibling, and Cyruru admires him as a result. Cypupu calls Turkeke "gentle" and won't forgive anyone who is mean to him. Whenever Grecece and Turkeke get into a fight, cypupu wants nothing more than to help Turkeke.


Cyruru is Cypupu's real sibling. He's a 1st class private in the army


to Cypupu Pururu is probably like a mother to him

Likes and dislikesEdit

  • Cypupu likes to eat Cinnamon rolls.
  • He also like Turkeke a lot.
  • He has a opened hatred for Sealala and Grecece


Cypupu grew up in the Turkish Republic of Norther Cyprus. His family where poor farmers but his life changed when his home was destroyed by a pokopens plane. Killing both his Father and Mother. His brother Cyruru lives in japan on the alien street. Cypupu continued to work on the farm up until he was captured by pokopens and send to japan for experiments on him. Till he escaped and reunited with his brother with the help of Keroro and the gang


he's still young. His future is unknown


  • people call him Cyprus to make his name seem more normal and because Cypupu's name contains the 1st 4 letters of the nations name.
  • Cy is a shortened version of his wonderful name


  • Cypupu has the ability to turn human but never uses it
  • He knows Turkish
  • His symbol is the flag of the Turkish Republic of Norther cyprus

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