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"I don't wanna be a kid! I wanna be a grownup!"
Wordplay name D33
Aliases Little Dolphin
Age 13
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth April 1st
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Dinene (ディネネ) is a fan-character in the Keroro Gunsou/Love Live! Sunshine crossover series Keroro Gunsou: Super Shine. He is a Chairman (会長, Kaichō) and the partner of Chika Takami.


Dinene is the chairman of the Zurara Board. He likes to swim, eat sweets, and do acrobatic stunts. He is a huge fanboy of the idol group Aquors and wishes he could be a member of it. Despite his age, he still has a child-like appearance and hasn't outgrown his tadpole tail yet. He doesn't like being called a kid, and he wants to be a grownup. He loves to sing and dance, which is why he wants to be in an idol group, despite being an alien.


Dinene doesn't like being seen as a kid and wants to be treated like a grownup instead. He is rather flexible and his blood type is AB.


Dinene's body color is blue in the anime and white in the manga. The symbol on his hat is a dolphin, which represents the balance between the mind and soul, reflecting Dinene's extraordinary intelligence and intuitive aptitudes. The color of his hair, when seen, is aqua blue. His human disguise has blue short, slightly wavy hair and orange eyes, and he wears a pale blue button-up shirt with a white tie, grayish pants, and gray slip-on loafers.


Dinene is friendly, cooperative, and generous. He is a very intelligent, creative, and optimistic individual who loves to have fun. He has the ability to cheer others up with his lively personality. He doesn't like worrying about problems or stressing out, so he tries to focus on what makes him happy instead.

Likes and Dislikes[]

Dinene likes sweets and fruits (especially chocolate, passion fruit, soft drinks, and coconuts) and aquatic activities (he has his own swimming pool in the Keronian Aqua Lab).

Dinene does not like being mistaken for a baby dolphin because of his color and tadpole tail, so he makes sure to correct people who do mistake him for a dolphin.

Speech mannerisms[]

Dinene ends most of his sentences with "~nene" (ネネ).


When Dinene was young, his father told him that he would take his place as the chairman of his organized group, the Zura Board, led by CEO Zurara. Dinene was very excited, as he always wanted to be the chairman of a group and preside over meetings. On his first day at the Keronian Aqua Lab, where the Zura Board often met for meetings, Zurara was hesitant to accept Dinene at first because he looked too young. Dinene took offense to this and said he hadn't physically matured yet. After proving he was smart enough to be the new chairman, Zurara eventually accepted him and let him join. But while Dinene was accepted by the other members of the Zura Board, other Keronians made fun of him for his child-like appearance. Because of this, he was often picked on at school, so he mostly kept to himself and spent most of his time in the library reading books about marine biology. One day, he met Keroro, the leader of the infamous Keroro Platoon. Keroro told Dinene that he reminded him of Tamama. Dinene was surprised that Keroro had a member of his platoon that looked just like him, and they both became good friends. Dinene told Keroro that he doesn't want to be seen as a child anymore and wants to be treated like a grownup instead. Keroro told him that he would be glad to help him show others that he could act like an adult despite his appearance.

During his first mission in the human world, Dinene hoped that the humans he met would treat him the way he wanted to be treated. The first human he encountered was Chika, who at first mistook him for a baby dolphin who accidentally washed up onshore. Dinene was shocked that she thought this, and quickly corrected her by saying he was a young alien frog. Chika was surprised at first, but she quickly apologized and asked Dinene what he was doing at her school. Dinene explained to her that he wanted to learn how to fit in with other humans so that others would give him more respect. Chika listened carefully and decided to help Dinene out by showing him what humans did.

Soon, Chika introduced Dinene to the other members of Aquors, and he was very pleased to meet them because he thought they were very pretty. The girls invited him over for one of their practice sessions, and he happily accepted. At the school auditorium, Dinene watched as the girls performed one of their songs. After they finished, Dinene cheered for them and thought their music was absolutely amazing. Since he liked to sing and dance as well, he thought it would be great to become a member of Aquors and perform with the girls. Chika told him that idea was silly, but Dinene thought otherwise. But he worries that the girls would reject him because he was a little alien frog, so he decided to put his inventing skills to work and invent a holographic human version of himself so that he would be accepted as the first male member of Aquors.