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Wordplay name D1010
Age 12
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth N/A
Occupation N/A
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Dotata (ドタタ) is a fan-made.based character off of Keroro gunso


Dotata is a tadpole Keronian who is someone who would probably cheer you up if times get difficult


Dotata has a light bluish body and a grey hat. His emblem on his chest represents a triangle that surrounds a circle and a dot in the middle..


Dotata is amiable, companionable, cooperative, and exuberant.

He enjoys his time with the the other as he likes to play around with them whether it is, play tag, build a fort, or joke about.

Dotata is adorable and cute, and he usually wants to hug from whoever he intends to interact with, as it expresses amity and faith. He is cooperative and social, and he is not scared to speak up


  • Keroro: an event occurred when Dotata got an autograph from the sergeant as he had formed his platoon. He seemed surprised when Keroro said " I am going take over Pekopon! "
  • Tamama: When Dotata heard about Keroro and the formation of his platoon, he spotted Tamama and chat with him for a little while, they both shared facts about each other, though Dotata seemed a little shy and blushed when talking
  • Taruru: When Dotata came into contact with Taruru , they both had fun chasing each other around on the field