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"Or conquer or nothing"
Wordplay name  ???
Aliases Kororo,Himama,Drakema(?)
Age 14(pekoponian count)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Captain
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Dramama is the main commander of T3RROR, a Platoon for Pokopen Conquest(unofficialy named Drakema in some personnel's document, he is actually called Dramama. The reasons for this name change of name is unknown). He is the Captain (隊長"Taichou)/Medical Resercher of his platoon.

Character Edit

Few was said about him and isn't well knowed his past.

The name was given him by his similarity with Tamama, and for his

In school he had some great skills that introduced him and Alele in the army at the age of 12 (Alele

At 13 years, he already have his platoon, the "T3RROR"

He has an obsession with cutting edges and blades,and syringes.

He is very affine to tecnology, for example he have a Paperwatch

His favorite laboratory guinea pig is Rukeke

Weaknesses Edit

He doesn't have any weakness in particular

Relationships Edit

Actually is "friend" of Rukeke,and he lives in his house,and he takes advantage of that to try diseases

Alele is a childhood friend, and they both share a visually similar hat, he is the second member of T3RROR.

One of his best friends is Kariri, known as a Mercenary in an expedition to search platoon members.

They fought a battle to test each other, where Dramama lost the vision from an eye, and Kariri had a serious injury in his cheeks.

Others Edit

Members Dramama · Alele · Kariri(T3RROR) · Rukeke(unofficial external member)
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Other Members Dramama · Keroe
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