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"Or conquer or nothing"
Wordplay name  ???
Aliases Kororo,Himama,Drakema(?)
Age 14(pekoponian count)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Captain
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Dramama is the main commander of T3RROR, a clandestine group that aims at the invasion of Pekopon. He is the Captain (隊長"Taichou)/Medical Resercher of his trio.

Character Edit

Not much was said about him and his story isn't well known.

His best friend Zarere was caught by the government when he hacked into his school's main security system. He was apparently recruited thanks to his special hacking skills.

He followed him secretly inside the military base, and stole one of the spaceships, aimed to Pekopon.

He has an obsession with cutting edges and blades,and syringes.

While he may not be the best in medical practices, he's fairly good in combat skills.

He apparently captured a pekoponian that he calls "060213"

Weaknesses Edit

He doesn't have any weakness in particular

Relationships Edit

He lives with Rukeke, in a friendship-hate relationship.

Zarere is his best friend and the second member of T3RROR.

Kariri was a mercenary that he recruited in order to invade the planet, to feel safer.

Since Dramama was pennyless, he accepted to the condition of which he could beat him in a fight. The match resulted in both severely injured, with Dramama losing the vision of his left eye, and Kariri getting a scar over his cheeks.

Europa was found by him as a regular honey badger, that he transformed forcefully with keronian DNA, and now she (that was actually older than him) takes care both of him, and of Rukeke, that she seems to prefer.

Others Edit

Members Dramama · Alele · Kariri(T3RROR) · Rukeke(unofficial external member)  · Europa
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