"Dad? Is it really you?"
Wordplay name EMM
Aliases Moe
Age 15
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth November 18th
Occupation Traveler and Keron Army soldier
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Emomo (エモモ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a loner (一匹狼 Ippikiōhkami), Recruit (新兵, Shinpei) of the Pika Platoon, and Traveler (旅行家 Ryokouka) of The Tour Bus Gang.


Emomo is a Keronian from a family of Emo keronians.


He was forced to be emo at birth. Rocky'n'Roller is his best friend and also the father of Emomo's nephew, Maroon. After his grandmother passed away, Ramona, Maroon, and Emomo moved in Rocky'n'Roller's tour bus. Since then, Emomo has found a young female Keronian named Janieie and fell in love with her. Janieie and Emomo soon had Minda together. He also got rockets for the bus and the gang headed off into the great unknown.


He is a brown Keronian tadpole. He wears a black hat with fuzzy hat flaps. His sign is half a broken heart.

I Wuv My Brother by tghr02

Ramona and Emomo the day Emomo was born


For the first two months of his life he lived under a tree. soon moving, He was raised by his sister, Ramona for the first two months of his life as his mother died and his father was kidnapped. After his grandmother took him and Ramona in, he started to mature. He met his best friend, Rocky'n'Roller, as a baby.


He is a knife throwing champ.


Soft things on his back.
Being tickled.
His heart.

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