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The Falala Platoon (ファララ小隊, Farara shōtai) usually helps the Keroro Platoon in their misadventures, but in other times they have adventures with their other human friends, Mary, Kade, Ally, Emily, and Haley.

The Platoon

Members in rank order[]


  • Mikoro is obsessed with bombs and explosions, and is highly destructive.
  • Ukulu is timid, shy, and jittery and serves as a spy.
  • Falala is upbeat and positive, and is addicted to dancing. He can't stop dancing once he hears music.
  • Icuro is grumpy, strong willed, and brave.
  • Nekoro is candy-crazed. He comes from an ancient group of Keronian warriors called the Nyan Clan, a race of Half-Cat Keronians.




  • Gomono Corps
Falala Platoon
Members Icuro · Falala · Mikoro · Ukulu · Nekoro
Allies Keroro Platoon · Gadian Platoon · Menene Platoon
Enemies Gomono Corps · Cryptid Platoon · Yokaka Platoon