Age  ???
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth  ???
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Falili (ファリリ, Fariri) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso.


Falili loves the nature and just about anything about it, including plants, flowers and animals. She also loves rainbows, good people and pretty things. She hates fire, bad people, people who damage plants and pollution.




She is an aquamarine tadpole with and wears a white hat that just covers her head with flowers on the sides; the one on the right is blue-centered with four yellow petals sprouting diagonally and the one on the left is yellow-centered with four blue petals sprouting diagonally. Her hat symbol is another similar flower but with a pink center and pink petals for the top right and bottom left petals and green petals for the top left and bottom right. Her belly symbol is the same except that the petal colors are reversed.


When she woke up, she was in a lawn full of flowers. She didn’t know anything about herself, even her name. She had no idea what she was doing before she woke up. Confused, she heard someone talking.

A voice: Hey, are you okay?

Falili found out that she was talking to a flower.

Falili: ...Are you talking to me?
Flower: Yes! You’ve slept here for a long, long time.
Falili: Really? For ow long?
Flower: I dunno. You were already here when I was born.

None of the plants knew about her history, and it seemed that she was born before them. She soon became friends with the plants around her, and they named her Falili. The plants took care of her and the meadow where she was born in turned into her home. When Falili grew up, she left the forest on an adventure to find out more about herself.




None known


  • She can communicate with plants
  • Something called "natural power"


None known


None known


None known

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