"Why is everyone looking at me? I didn't do it~."
Wordplay name FZZ
Aliases Fruit loop, crazy head, peanut
Age 8
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth July 4th
Occupation Elementary School Student
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Fuzeze (フゼゼ) is a fan character in the series Keroro Gunso. She is the daughter of Trinono and Sproro and is an elementary school student (小学校の生徒, shōgakkō no seito).


Fuzeze is quite a troublemaker and has a tendency to get into everything. When she meets someone for the first time, she will pop a brown paper bag or hit them with a water balloon filled with ice. She is also curious, excitable, adventurous, brave and loud. She fears gang and mafia leaders with a passion.


Fuzeze is a blood red Keronian with dark blue eyes. She wears a night blue hat and her symbol is a light blue circle with one horizontal line and four curved vertical lines on the left. Fuzeze wears a scarf with black and orange stripes.


Fuzeze is perfectly heathy, and her blood type is OB-.


She doesn't have much of a history yet, but she has quite a record of pranking lots of people.


Trinono: Her mother, and she knows not to pull a prank when she is around.

Sproro: Her father, sometimes she's allowed to pull something now and then, but it all depends on his mood.

Toriri: Her twin brother, who was blinded by a viper. She loves holding onto him and leading the way. If something bad happens to him, she goes into a blind rage.

Aekai: Her younger brother. She is uncertain about him, but she loves cuddling with him.

Nifufu: Nabobo's son.

Nabobo: Leader of a vampire clan.

Pukiki: A member of Nabobo's clan.

Henono: Sproro's only daughter, who is married to Pukiki

Hekiki: Pukiki and Henono's son and the eldest

Punono: Pukiki and Henono's oldest daughter

Lukiki: Pukiki and Henono's youngest daughter








Fuzeze is much more calm in the future but loves a prank now and then. She is married to Hekiki and has five children. She is a radio show host.


Boys: Naroro, Yakiki,
Girls: Maroro, Tusoso, Emimi,

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