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"Don't get to close! Or the poisonous gas around my skin

will burn your skin and make your eyes fall off!"

Wordplay name GTT
Aliases N/A
Age 7
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth July 17th
Occupation Keron Army Soldier
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Gartete (ガールテテ, Ga-rutete) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is the cute, young, and incredibly poisonous Private First Class (二等兵, Nitōhei) of the Nikiki Platoon.


Gartete is a small childish child, who made the record for youngest Keronian soldier. He likes getting friends because he didn't have a lot growing up with. He likes music and making music. He burns DVDs with the help of Zakoror. He enjoys watching cartoons and helping his human companion with science experiments.


His blood type is B-.


He is a small yellow Keronian tadpole with a green mouth and belly and a purple helmet. He has purple poisonous gas coming out of his skin. His eyes have nuclear warning symbols in the pupils.

Gartete's knocked out smiley face.


Gartete was the youngest keronian to become a Keronian Soldier. He was originally came into a Army building because it was "Take your child to work day", but someone accidentally thought he was a soldier and put him on the roster for the Nikiki Platoon. After he was signed up for the army, the military was impressed because of his unique skill.


Gartete grew up in a small village in Keron where the natives could create a venomous gas from there skin. As a young child, Gartete didn't have many friends because most people stayed away from him because of his poisonous gas. He got this gas from genetics, as all the people in his village could make gas from their skin.


Gartete thinks Jiroro is somewhat of a bully and doesn't really like hanging around him.

Gartete is always trying to impress Nikiki for unknown reasons and doesn't relize that Nikiki practicly hates him. Nikiki is his favorite memeber of the platoon and is always trying to please her, whether it's chocolates or nano chips.

Dononon: Gartete has always been afraid of doctors so he tends to stay away from Dononon. Though, they both are good friends.

Zakoror: Gartete usually tries to cheer Zakoror up but miserably fails. He still tries now and then.


Poison Skin:
In his old village, his people could make a poisonous gas from there skin to protect themselves from dangerous wildlife and enemy aliens.


Because of his venomous skin, people can't fight him with a ranged weapon or hand to hand. And if he gets close enough, he can knock someone out with his smell.


He can shut off his poison skin ability by turning the symbol on his forehead. So if anyone turned it off, he'd be defenceless.


  • Gartete has a crush on a brown and white rabbit in a display case in a pet store named Muffy.

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