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Himawari (ひまわり) is a fan character from the series Keroro Gunso.


Himawari is a sergeant in the Keron Army of Planet Keron, and the leader of the Himawari Platoon. He is known for Light-hearted, Bringing out the best in others and Optimistic compared to the other members of his platoon. He is a very Caring individual who won't hesitate to make someone happy if they feel down. Himawari has a Selective eating disorder and is overly obsessed with sunflower seeds and will only eat food with sunflowers seeds in it(Like Sunflower seed Halva)


Himawari is tall Keronian. He Has very good posture and is standing at 4'1. He has a bright yellow skin color. With a sunflower badge on his white belly. He has a light yellow flap hat with a sunflower insignia. He also wears orange eye contacts.


He and his Platoon have conquered Planet Gellow and are rewarded a well deserved vacation on Pekopon. The Himawari Platoon went around sight-seeing and ran into the Keroro Platoon. Both of the platoons get along pretty good and when in trouble they'll help each other out.


Ishi: Himawari and Ishi are childhood friends therefore they have a great relationship. They can guess each others sentences and others are jealous with their closeness.

Kowareta: Himawari doesn't have much in common with her since she's pretty much the opposite of him, but he can get along with anyone.

Kimuzukashī: Kimuzu looks up to Himawari so he tries to be the best father figure to him.

Fuchūi: Himawari and Fuchui get along pretty well

Peinto: These two don't talk much but get along

Kururu: They're cousins and they get along just fine when Kururu isn't playing any tricks