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Wordplay name H00
Aliases Hi, Luntic,
Age 28
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian/Demon
Date of birth July 4th
Occupation None
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Hioo (ヒオオ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is a Fire Demon (火, 鬼, Hi Oni).


Hioo is eccentric and mentally unstable, clinging onto those he considers friends or family, often going to extremes to keep them safe and very un-trusting of strangers.


Hioo's demon ancestry grants him higher stamina, strength and athletic ability as well as gaining a considerable immunity to smoke and fire but hinders him in swimming performance and a weakness to holy items, particularly holy water and a genetic phobia of drowning and suffixation.

While being strong in body he's weak mentally, being pyromaniac and a mild schizophrenic and dependent on emotional support on either alcohol or his friends/family as well as having overly regular sex


A slightly taller then average Keronian with deep red skin color with yellow pupils and rings around his pupils giving him a rather psychotic look and often dons a straight jacket with broken belts that allow him to unhinge the sleeves at will, often used as a tactic to think he's safer to approach then he really is. He has a red silhouette of a cherry bomb on his hat and as off his 2011 update, sharp teeth.






Tsururu: His current girlfriend and future wife, Hioo would literally walk to hell and back for her.

Jake: His "butt-buddy" so to speak

Nazozo: Hioo considers him a friend and confides in him when he thinks Tsururu will not be able to handle it

Jia: Deceased adoptive father, worked as a fireworks maker

Bakuku: His biological father

Honono: His biological mother


- Able to conjurer explosives out of thin air
- Breathe and conjurer fire to a limited extent (focused/used to his explosive power)


- Highly focused


- Gullible
- Overly stubborn
- Weak to cold weather
- Sex addiction


Married to Tsururu and goes straight, having a career of being a fireworks maker as well as having children


Girls: Hikari
Boys: Hikaru


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