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Wordplay name 437
Aliases Hiro, Hiroaki
Age 10000 (is 10 years old in human form)
Gender male
Species / Type Demon
Date of birth Unknown
Occupation N/A
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Hiroaki (ヒロアキ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a Death God (死神, Shinigami) and is about to get the job from Kana.


Hiroaki is a death god in training, which means he is learning about his job from his teacher/sister Kana. Hiroaki lives in the bar with Kana but unlike her he stays at the far back so no one sees him and Kana teaches him about being a death god after everyone left. Hiroaki really dislikes the lessons that Kana teaches him, he rather kill people now then learn about being a god of death. His personality is silly, childish, a bit sarcastic at times, and at times rebellions. He also has a slight crush on Nami (which Kana is unaware of).


He is completely healthy, apart from being in love.


When he is in human form he has purple hair, a white shirt with green sleeves, a dark blue hat and shoes (with purple in the shoes). But when he's a god of death he is a smaller version of Kana except for breast that don't appear.


Like Kana, Hiroaki is also a complete mystery no one knows where they came from. But there it is stated that Kana and Hiroaki are related as brother and sister.


Kana - he does care for his teacher, but hates the lessons that are being shown to him since he wants to kill people right away.

Tamama - is rather okay with Hiroaki but like Shruru, doesn't like the attitude he gives to Mois.

Ghost-chan - for odd reasons, he is the only one that is not afraid of Ghost-chan he mostly pretending to be scared just to make Ghost-chan happy.

Quon - doesn't really like him getting close to Kana.

Shruru - has a bit of an odd connection to him, but knows he's bisexual.

Nami - has a slight crush on her, but tries to hide it from everyone. (apart from Shruru) He really likes to be around her a lot but knows that Death Gods can't fall in love with a human.


Like Kana he too can send people into the underworld, and can see ghost.


- can send people into the underworld
- in God of Death Form can turn invisible
- can see people that are already dead. (eg: Ghost)


- is not very strong in the Daylight
- can only stay a god of death from about 4 hours in the human world
- forgets his lessons at times
- doesn't know when to shut up.

Calling Hiroaki[]

Name What they call Hiroaki What Hiroaki calls them
Kana Hiroaki-kun, Hiroaki-san Kana-senpia, teacher, sis
Quon Hiroaki-san Quon-san
Nami Hiroaki-san, Hiroaki-kun Nami-chan
Shruru Hiro-san, Hiro-kun Shru-san
Tamama Hiro-chi Tama-san
Spirit Hiroaki-san Spirit-chan

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