"These streets will be mine!"
Aliases Imi
Age 25
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth May 7
Occupation Crime Lord
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Imimi (イミミ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a Crime Lord (犯罪は藩主 Hanzai wa hanshu) from Planet Keron. He is also the leader of a gang known as The Faceless.


Imimi is a full-on psychopath. He enjoys hurting others, causing havok, committing crimes, and seeing fear in the face of someone. He rarely shows any kind of remorse even after committing a murder.


Even at a young age, Imimi was a bit of a rebel, rarely listening to authority. He was always considered the bad kid in grade school and not many kids hung out with him, but when high school came, he made many friends who were also into causing trouble. Though it's a bit of an understatement to call him the "bad boy" at his high school, he was best described as the convict. He had gotten arrested several times in his teenage years for theft, assault and battery, and many other charges.

He did have a bit of a softer side which he normally showed around Keriri. He first tried to woo her by showing off his toughness, though, contrary to popular oppinion, the nice girls aren't always into the bad boys. He tried to be nicer to her to get her to like him, but she never even attempted to act flattered due to his checkered ways.


Imimi is nothing less than an evil genius. When planning a crime, he would take days, weeks, even months of planning before its execution. He would come of with every single possible out come and have tons of different escape plans ready for each of them. This has given him the title of "The Intangible" by many.


  • Specializes in booby traps that are near invisible.
  • Impressive skills with small firearms.


  • Rarely gets into direct combat and relies on sly escapes rather than fighting.

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