"oooh, your a cutie."
Wordplay name J66
Aliases Jare, Sis,
Age 23
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth October 1st
Occupation Social Worker
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Jarere (ジャレレ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. she is a Social Worker (ソシアルワーカー, Sōshiaruwāーkāー), and is also the twin sister of Mamumu.


Jarere is twin sister of Mamumu, but unlike her she is the complete opposite. Jarere is mean, rude, bossy, ignorant, stubborn, attention abuse, and quite talkative. Like Kejeje she also has a crush on one of the Keroro platoon members (by shock it's Keroro) and will do anything to get his attention,


as does Mamumu, she also has autism but her's is slightly a lot more different. (some autism could be different so she does have Asperger syndrome.)


Jarere does have similar colors to Mamumu, she has white body color, pink markings, and pink hair. But has different eyes, a black and red dress with boots, has bow of her symbol (which is somewhat like Mamumu but has black wings instead of white), and red bows in her hair. Her marking is a lot more different to Mamumu's.


Jarere was always the social of her and her sister, she could do as she can to spend as much time with sister as she could (But kept forgetting about her as well as everyone else)


Keroro - Keroro is kinda annoyed by Jarere a lot and really avoids her and tries to be with Nanunu.

Tamama - Jarere and Tamama are sorta rivals, but after Tamama decided to be with others (ex: Mamumu) they both get along quite finely.

Nanunu - Jarere wants Nanunu] away from Keroro as much as possible, while Nanunu finds Jarere very annoying and feels slightly bad for Mamumu to deal with her.

Mamumu - even thought Jarere doesn't show it she still loves her sister like family but stated that she is the oldest (which in fact Mamumu is the oldest), even thought she will bad mouth, avoid, and abuse. she still loves her as a sister.

Kejeje - Jarere and Kejeje are the best of friends, and stays from Mamumu the most so that way Kejeje doesn't know there related.

Mois - Jarere and Mois talk a bit about certain subjects, but when it's about Keroro they get into a fight.

Pururu - Jarere hate Pururu and will call her an old lady.


Jarere has no abilties unlike her sister, but she can smooth talk and socialize with her enemies to avoid problems and get information.


Is quiet social
A smooth talker
And a thinker


Is very ignorant
Bossy most of the time
And try to grab people attention

Calling JarereEdit

Name What they call Jarere What Jarere calls them
Keroro Jare-San Kero-Chan, Kero-Kun
Tamama Jare-chi Tama-San
Nanunu Jare-San, little witch Nanu-San, annoying bitch
Mamumu Jare-Chan, sis Mamu-Chan, Nii-Chan


other self

Jare-Kun, Jare-Chan,


Keje-Chan, Sis
Mois Jare-San Mois-Chan, Mois-Dono
Pururu Jarere Oda-Sama

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