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Jayde (ジェイド) is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso . She is a Mutated sub-species from Keronians known as a "Diclonian".


Jayde is considered cold-hearted and distant, yet gentle and soft-hearted when it comes towards those she trusts. Unforunatly, Jayde suffers from a long range of PTSD, Anxiety and Depression that arised from the conditions she was put through for almost 24 years of her life.  


It all began when Jayde's father and mother began dabbling into things they should not have, resulting in the chemical creation of a virus that was wiped out on earth years ago. This end result led to the infection and mutation of herself within her mother's womb. After being born, Nobody suspected about her being dangerous as it was common that Keronians were born odd and strange until an accident occurred that changed the fate of Keron and her mutated self. When she was left unattended in the nursery, her body wasn't adjusting well and she rapidly became ill. It made her restless and fussy, allowing her dangerous ability to unknowingly exploded out and destroy the nursery. A few babies were hurt and a few were instantly killed, an accident that she never meant to happen as a young infant and something nobody was suspecting to occur.

With that, Keron came up with a proposal to contain her in a special facility until they could figure out what to do with her. They were very aware that she was not just some ordinary keronian with an unstable ability and looked into more with her until they found out she was infected with the virus that mutated her into what she was born into today. Her parents were given no choice in this matter and Jayde was locked away in a facility for 24 years so the facility could keep Keron safe, study her nature and put her to good use while they studied her. However, More babies like her were popping up and were forced to be contained there too, resulting into the sub-species dub of "Diclonian" as they combined the human term and the keronian name together of said virus.

With 24 years locked away, Jayde was tortured by the facility and has grown a straight, deep hatred for all Keronian kind besides maybe one keronian who she considered a friend.

Jayde's father is her only existing relative she has left. Her mother abandoned her and her father a long time ago, vanishing from the planet and silencing divorcing her father. This means her Father is the only one, every day, trying to get her away from the grasp of the facility.


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Before her escaped, Jayde could be considered a pale purple with a unnatural, cold body. Her head was covered in a helmet to protect her head at times and to keep her strong, angry gaze from constantly glaring into the cameras of her confinements. She was constantly confided with a straight jacket as well. Her tail was originally that of a proper tadpoles but over time with the abuse and neglect of the facility, It was torn up and now stays as a Nub.

After her escape, Her color darkens with skin color and she becomes more proper color. Her head contains two large, grey, cat-like horns that grow from her skull and are very sensitive to touch. She also wears a hat with long hat flaps and large ear pieces to blend herself in as a normal 'keronian' so nobody drags her back to the place she escaped.

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Overall, Jayde is a purple Diclonian with brown eyes and a torn up tail resorting to being a mere nub. Her belly sticker contains a dark turquoise diamond that also appears on the middle and side hat flap pieces of her hat. She is also considered massive when compared to a normal keronian. While a normal keronian is 2 feet, Jayde stands about 3 to 4 feet at least.


Mentally, She suffers from Slight schizophrenia, Anxiety and PTSD / Trauma from her overall past. 

Physically, Jayde suffers health issues such as Slight Anorexia, Weak immune system, and chemical imbalance within her brain that's caused by her mutation that makes pieces of her skin fall off if she uses her vectors way too much. 


  • Vectors (Invisible, telekinetic arms), has a set of 4.
  • Sharp reflexes
  • Stronger immunity to inflicted pain
  • Ability to infect others with the virus. Simple injection into the head with her Vectors.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

For Strengths, Jayde is well known for being cunning and smart like a fox awaiting it's captures to look the other way. She knows very well how to get out of a sticky situation and is very flexible when it comes to fighting another being. Her ability allows her to be stronger and move quicker than an average keronian.

Despite these strengths, Jayde can easily be enabled by a single painful blow to any part of her body which means her ability won't come out since the brain is easily distracted by the pain and not using the ability. She can also be distracted by something that smells tasty or a voice of a concerned friend. She can also be triggered into panic attacks or schizophrenic episodes easily if someone knows exactly how and when to do it, making anyone who does spy on her have the ultimate triumph card.


Note: All relationships with canon-characters are based on RP interactions and Headcanons! These can be taken as Fanon.

Keroro Platoon

Keroro: She knows he's an annoying pest who tries way too hard to be friendly with her. When she gets annoyed with him and his stupidity, she often refers to him as a 'Weed smoking hippie'. She does not like him but he tries way too hard to like her.

Giroro: Jayde considers Giroro to be too stubborn and doesn't really care to be around him very well. Being too much of a military man, Jayde considers him too much like Keron and rather not have anything to do with someone who reminds her of that planet. Despite that, She does treat him with some level of respect and often does her best to just stay on his good side. 

Tamama: She doesn't mind sharing snacks with him but rathers staying away from him due to his gross nature and jealous habits that drive her nuts..

Kululu/Kururu: Jayde considers Kululu as her Best friend due to some events that happened in the past between them. A long time ago, The Facility wanted to find a New way to Experiment on the Behaviors of Diclonians and Pulled up a Raffle for A 'Lucky' Keronian to Come in for Experimentation on a Diclonian. They Didn't Expect the Smartest Keronian, Kululu, to win the Raffle and Also didn't care much since it was one less smart person on the planet. The Facility Paired him up with Jayde and Expected Him to be dead by the end of the Day But, alas, He was not Dead. They Grew a Friendship Every day that he visited which resulted in Her giving him a gift: A Red Bowtie. He wore it a lot before He stopped coming and the Facility lied to Jayde that he was Dead. That is why She Hates keronians much more now. However, They reunite and reveal each other as alive when she breaks free. He's also been graced with the childish nickname "Chubbutt".

Dororo: She respects Dororo and often gives him a little more patience than she does for the other 3 she doesn't get along with. He has thought her how to garden which is her favorite past time besides her other hobbies.


Natsumi: Both get along just fine. Due to Natsumi's disinterest in Keronians like Keroro, Jayde better enjoys being in her company. Not much can be said else as they have had little interactions with each other.

Fuyuki: They have had little interaction with each other but Jayde enjoys reading his books and listening to him ramble on about his occult. Despite Fuyuki's kindness and friendship towards Keroro, Jayde doesn't understand how he can be with someone who gets into so much trouble in one day.

Aki: Like a mom Jayde never had, They get along really well. Aki is the one that Jayde could be said to spend the most time around rather than the other members of the family. Her lack of a mother figure as slowly started to embed into Aki and she just likes being around someone who offers a better grasp of wisdom than her friend's crazy ideas.


Shurara: A meeting that was a result of an Accident, Shurara and Jayde get a long well. He acts like a tough, guff grandfather / father figure towards Jayde when she needs it and she usually listens well to him if he ever needs anything. These two can be considered friends.

Mekeke: After an Accident that resulted in a very sick Jayde being launched into the Shurara corps base, These two got a long really well over the time she spent there. It started off with casual flirting from Mekeke that suddenly grew into true feelings between the two until they were madly in love with each other. They are considered Boyfriend and Girlfriend still but they eventually had a baby named "Makeke".

Makeke and His Nyororo, Pumpkin, Drawn by


Makeke: Son, the baby between Jayde and Mekeke. They both love him very much and strive to see him grow.

Jijaja: Jayde's father, He's her only family member she has left in this world. Her Father is the only family member she has that really wants her to come home and has tried so hard to get her back until he's been banished from the military field all together. They eventually meet in the future and are very happy.

Pumpkin- Makeke's pet Nyororo that she bought for him as a kid. They get a long justh fine.


  • Jayde's hobbies include gardening, drawing, singing and cooking.

Jayde's can be found Here.