Jimomo (ジモモ) is a fan-character in Keroro Gunso.

Character Edit

Jimomo is very, jokingly,sinister robot. She can get quiet just to make it awkward. She's very cold hearted to strangers, people who hurt her and her experimentor. While opening her hologram, she will play an annoying song to annoy people around her.

Appearance Edit

Jimomo is a tall Keronian. Her colour is a Grey-ish Mint. She has a Yellow gem between her eyes. Her head flaps ends with a Diamond shaped gem that projects a hologram. Her symbol is a speech bubble with an X in it. Her tail is a Grey Mint and Grey hand shaped tail.

Relationships Edit

Batoto:Jimomo treats her like a tool to bring, riding on her and hiking.

Emeyonana:Jimomo tries to annoy her but she doesn't care about Jimomo's annoying things in the morning.

Laveven/Labeben:Jimomo will always ask her to borrow her axe, even if she's using it.

Degugu&Purara:Jimomo use them as her Power Station to charge, like a phone but with 1 year span battery.

Rectata:He's her brother so she's very protective of him, even a scratch is on him.

Backstory Edit

When she was small, she and her kindergarten friends was kidnapped(frognapped) by Vipers who were scientists who wanted to kill all the Keronians on Keron and claim the planet, she was brainwashed and became a assassin, but, she broke out of the lab and escaped, she ended up on earth, founded by Emeyonana

Abilities Edit

She can spread her body parts and attack the enemy pretty quick. Her tail acts like a extra hand itself, or else that's her extra left hand.

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