"...Why not?"
Wordplay name N/A
Aliases N/A
Age 11
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth 7th May
Occupation School Student
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Jowewe (ジョヱヱ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is a student.


Jowewe is a shy girl, and is almost always in her own little world. She enjoys writing poems, that's what made her know around the school. She has this little dreamy voice, and it's hard to make her mad. She WILL hold grudges, except it won't be shown publicly. She always hold her green bag, where she puts her notebook. It's where she writes down her poem ideas. At school, people would often pester her, except her friends. She was the fourth and newest member of Riwawa 's gang.


Jowewe is a dark blue female keronian. She almost always wears a long, dark purple dress. She has a dark, almost black, hat that the ends look like they have been ripped up. A bit of short black hair shows under the top of her hat. She almost always has a sleepy, or bored expression on her face. She always, ALWAYS has a little dark green bag around her dress or body that contains her little notebook and a pencil.


Not much has happened since she is only 11.


A sloppily drawn picture of Jowewe's notebook.


Even as a little tadpole, she was extremely shy and barely even spoke. When she did, her words would always rime in some way, influencing her current love for writing poems,


Riwawa - One of her best friends. She is one of the few people she trusts and acts wild to.

Ameme - Her best friend. She is the one she trusts the most. She's really clingy to her, and shows her her new poems.

Robebe - One of her best friends. He is one of the people Jowewe trusts the most.

Pinono - She HATES him in every

way possible, ever since he ripped up two of her best poems in front of everyone. She just wishes that he can move away and never come back.


None known


Her friends
She learned how to read and write at a young age.


Large crowds
When her poems are deemed as "Unoriginal"
When her poems get ripped up


She becomes a famous Poet and Music Composer and at 34, she gets married to a man named Witutu. At 39, She becomes pregnant with quintuplets. After that experience, she was scared to give birth ever again.


Girls: Ayaya , Cecici , Emimi
Boys: Ivovo , Rimeme

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