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Julia Connor is from my Sgt Frog fanfiction.

Agent Julia Connor, AKA Agent Fox, is perhaps one of the most interesting characters I have ever come up with. She's a British fox girl with a taste for blood (and the color black) with absolutely no sense of mercy. Her idea of a daydream is torturing an innocent victim. She likes to kill'em slowly. She was raised in a bad environment, and was beaten as a child for her weird appearance. She's actually quite attractive, but her parents though she was a mutant freak, so she was thrown out and ended up in a foster home. Life in the system had a negative effect on Julia's personality, because no one there treated her properly. Even though she had narrowly escaped her abusive parents, she ended up in the hands of abusive guardians. No one liked her there, so when Higher Flight came for her when she was 6, she agreed immediately. She gained the title of top agent two years after her first mission as a full-fledged Higher Flight agent. When she was 9, she went on her first assassination, and came back covered in blood and filled with joy. Yep. This is one messed up girl. But her friends Sophie and Rebecca keep her in line whenever they're around her. Julia proved to be one of the best Higher Flight agents the organization ever trained. When she turned 15, she was granted an "Iron Amulet," a device given only to senior agents, which means she recieved it a year early, unlike her peers, Sophie and Julia. Even though the Maxwell twins designed the Iron Amulet, Colonel Roan wouldn't let them have one until they became senior agents, but for Julia, he made an exception. Julia goes by sly and often wears a fox hat. She secretly fears small, dark places, because it brings back bad memories of when she was a child and her guardians would throw her into a box to sleep.


Cropped-short blonde hair, pale skin, icy blue eyes, fox ears and tail, scars on her back from beatings.


Very violent, creepy, crazy.



~Shooting things

~Her boyfriend, Sam

~Heavy metal music

~Fox hats

~Pistols, knives, and any other type of weapon



~Foster homes

~Small, dark places

~The color pink



She was an abused foster child until Higher Flight took her away somewhere safe. She became a top agent at the age of 8, and went on her first assassination when she was 9. She is very violent and scary, but is secretly afraid of many things, such as tight, dark spaces.

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