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oh Tamama, my love!
Wordplay name K77
Aliases Keje, Sis
Age 15
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth April 29th
Occupation Middle school student
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Kejeje (ケジェジェ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. she is a middle school student, and is the younger sister of Jororo.


Kejeje is an hyper active young teenager, she loves to eat sweets, and wants to get the heart of Tamama. She loves her Brother Jororo very much and protects him from anyone that wants to hurt him or talk to him. she also has a split personality like Tamama but it's only cause by a noise or someone pushes her to the limit.


There isn't a health problem, but if you consider a birth deflect it be the horns on her head (yes, they attach to her head to so don't try taking them off).


Kejeje is a pink Keronian with 1 red and 1 baby blue eye. Has a baby blue bandanna with what seems to look like a sheild (also has ear flaps), a red shirt with a blue shield, and a yellow scarf. Her markings are a bit heart-like.


She had a pretty normal Childhood, but there was 1 moment that her "other self" was show when Viper came and attack her brother. This gave her the strength to help her brother.


Jarere - She and Jarere are the best of friends and will do anything to get there loves ( Tamama for Kejeje and Keroro for Jarere)

Mamumu - Kejeje dislikes Mamumu and pretty much tries to pull her and Tamama away from each other.

Jororo - Kejeje cares for her brother a lot, and will keep anyone (Cocoma and Nanunu) away from him.

Tamama - Tamama finds Kejeje annoying most of the time.

Yiyoyo - Kejeje finds Yiyoyo kinda cool and will sometimes help him get blood.

Shruru - Kejeje dislikes Shruru for unknown reasons.


When Kejeje is normal, she has the normal strenght of a keronian. But when she's her "other self" she is as strong as Nyroro.


She can keep up with others,
is as strong as a Nyroro (when other self), and listens well.


Can't control her other self,
can run into things by accident,
and is bad at cooking.

Calling Kejeje[]

Name What they call Kejeje What Kejeje calls them What Kejeje's other self calls them
Jororo little sister, Keje-Chan Joro-Chan, Nii-Chan Joro-Ko
Mamumu Keje-San Mamumu that Stank Child
Tamama Keje-Chan/Annoying Tama-Kun Tama-Ko
Yiyoyo Keje-San Yiyo-San Yiyo-Ko
Shruru Kejeje Shruru Stupid Blue Boy
Jarere Keje-Chan, Sis Jare-Kun, Jare-Chan Jare-Ko

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