Wordplay name Kll
Aliases Kela, Kera,
Age 35
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth March 4th
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Kelala (ケララ, Kerara) is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is a Sergeant (軍曹 Gunsō) of the Kelala Platoon


Kelala is a 35 year old frog from Keron and is the sergeant of the Kelala Platoon.Frogs/Tadpoles sometimes say hes a girl just by saying his name.If hes not working with the platoon the hes withSakiki making Gunpla models or reading Admiral Geroro with Keroro.Hes kind a kind a caring frog who gets misunderstood often.


Kelala's perants were very rich. He lived in a big mansion until his perants died.


Kelala only has 1 known ability, which that is his mega punch, which is later on will be upgraded to max mega punch


Kelala is a blue keron boy.His emblem is a upside down moon which is purple, and his is hat is light blue.


Sakiki: They have been friends ever since Sakiki has been in Kelala's Platoon Kelala has a secret crush on Sakiki, but he doesn't know that Sakiki likes kururu yet.

Keroro: They are good friends,they like to make gunpla together and read Admiral Geroro.

Calling KelalaEdit

Name What they call kelala What Kelala calls them
Keroro Kelaka-Chan, Kelala-dono, Kero-Kun
Tamama Kelala,kela Tamama-kun
Giroro Kelala Giroko
Kururu Kelala kururu,Hacker
Dororo Kelala-Dono Dororo
Pururu Kelala Nurse
Aki Kelala-Dono Aki
Fuyuki Kelala-dono Fuyuki,
Natsumi The Blue Guy Pinky girl
Saburo Kelala-chan Saburo-dono
Mois Kela Blonde hair girl
Momoka (Nice Side) Kelala-chan, Meany
Momoka (Mean Side) Kelala
Paul Kelala-san Paul,
Koyuki Kelala,Kela-san Ninja Girly
Sakiki Kelala,Sergeant Kela Sakiki,Private

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