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Wordplay name K88
Age 8
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Kerara is the fan character of Keroro Gunso.


Kerara is an really energentic, always want to know but really strict girl.

She loves snack, especially space roll cakes (like Pururu). She likes getting her father Keroro attention, and interested in Gunpla (a little) like her father. Kerara has a habit wandering place to place without anyone know and don't know how to get back home (like Keroro's mom)

She's also really admire her mother, she wants to be a nurse someday, but she's really bad at it. (she never give up though.)

She hates banana/banana peels, because she always slip on it. She's also hates the sound of styrofoam rubbing together.


Kerara is an green Keron girl and wears red hat like Keroro and paired with a flower on the hat like Pururu when she was young.


  • Puroro and Kerara are brother-sister relationship.