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Welcome to the Keroro Gunso: Orikero Wiki. This is an encyclopedia about all the fan characters for Keroro Gunso (Sergeant Frog), including Keronians, humans, Vipers or even characters of a fan made species.

Adding your own pages

Be sure to look at the pages here to get an idea of what's going on. Their are tons of Orikeros and fan-alien characters of all sorts! Orikero stands for Original Keron. However, you can make characters of any species, including species that are also fan-made! However, recolors and rip-offs are not accepted will have their pages deleted. You may also create pages for other fan-related stuff such as platoons, corps, criminal gangs, planets, species, and much more!

A few rules to set down

You don't have to ask for permission for starting a page; you're free to make a page as long as you follow the rules. Please take some time to look at the rules before you do any editing here.


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