"Make one move and I'll slice ya!"
Aliases Walking Weapon
Age 12(She is about 48 in Gladeline years)
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian/Gladeline
Date of birth November 16th
Occupation Keron Army Soldier
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Keyoyo (ケヨヨ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso.


Keyoyo is a rough Keronian/Gladeline hybrid. She lashes out at the simplest movement, and bright objects attract her attention. She's grumpy in the daytime and calm during the evening. Her personality is Rash, short-tempered, fierce, and bold. She won't back down from fights if she doesn't see an obvious disadvantage, that often being the disadvantage.


She has a good body frame and has average health. Her blood type is unknown.


She's sky blue with neon green hands and feet. She has a deep blue cap with cat ears, and the symbol is a yellow paw with gray claws and an orange foot pad. She has a long tail, and at the end there is a long blade similar to a scythe. She has bright yellow eyes with black slits like a cat, along with whiskers coming from her freckles. Under her cap, she has short, messy, red-orange hair and cat ears. She also has fangs and extendable claws.

Keyoyo without her cap


She lived in the forest until she came along the family of Rikoko, Tarere, and Rididi. She joined their platoon, the Forest Platoon, and formed her own home in a tree nearby.


She was born on Keron, and was a bit of a troublemaker at night. Her family decided to travel to Pekopon, but Keyoyo had to take a separate ship without anyone from her family. Her family landed in America, while she landed in Japan.



Speedy Claw:

She takes a running start/jump at the target, extending her claws and swiping at them.

Tail Slash:

She whips her tail at the target, giving them a deep gash if it strikes the right way

Reverse Catapult:

She (usualy) hangs upside down from a branch or pole, then drops down on the target when they pass underneath


She is better at combat during dark hours

She can climb up surfaces like tree bark easily with the help of her claws


She's less alert during the daytime

Though her claws can help her climb, they are small so they cannot latch for very long without losing grip and/or breaking

She's easily distracted by bright lights that come from things like laser pointers


None currently known

Calling KeyoyoEdit

Name What they call Keyoyo What Keyoyo calls them
Keroro Feline Pest, Keyoyo, Kero, Keroro-sama, Keroro
Tamama Keyoyo, Keyoyo-kun Tamama-sama, Tamama,
Giroro Keyoyo, Walking Weapon Giroro-sama, Giroro
Kururu Waste Of DNA, Keyoyo Kururu, Kururu-sama,
Dororo Keyoyo, Keyoyo-kun Dororo-sama, Dororo, Whining Baby
Pururu Keyoyo, Keoyo-kun Pururu, Pururu-sama,
Fuyuki Keyoyo, Keyoyo-kun Fuyu, Fuyuki, Fuyuki-sama
Natsumi Keyoyo, Keyoyo-kun Natsumi, Natsumi-sama
Saburo Keyoyo, Keyoyo-kun Saburo, Saburo-sama
Mois Keyoyo, Keyoyo-kun Mois, Mois-sama
Tarere Keyoyo, Keyoyo-kun Tarere, Tarere-sama
Rikoko Keyoyo-kun, Keyoyo

Rikoko, Rikoko-sama, Bladed Butterfly


  • She is part Gladeline , a feline fanon species that has sharp claws and bladed tails.

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