Kimimi drawing

Kimimi is a fan character for the series Keroro Gunso.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Kimimi seems like a happy person on the outside, but on the inside she is far from that. Emotional traumas have left her broken and prone to tears, though she does not like to burden people with her troubles and she tends to cry alone. She also has a tendency to get very emotional and annoyed over tiny problems, but stay calm and emotionless during larger issues. Blaming herself for the misfortunes of those around her, she punishes herself by repeatedly cutting her arms. The bandages she wears are used to hide the scars that remain.

She is light-orange with a purple bat-wing styled hat, and blue eyes with four black dots on her face next to them. Her symbol represents one upside-down black teardrop with two small blood drops either side of it.

Childhood and RelationshipsEdit

Kimimi's parents died when she was nine years old during a bombing on Keron, meaning that she and her younger brother were cared for by their aunt. Her brother, who was only a few months younger than her, showed more potential in many different aspects of his life. He went to college only a few months before her aunt died from illness, leaving Kimimi on her own with nowhere to go.

So, at the age of nineteen, she left Keron with her friend Damumu, a grown experiment who she had met after breaking in to an 'abandoned' factory for a dare. Seeing Damumu broken and hurting, she fixed her injuries and gave her fake memories, including both herself and an imaginary family, so that she would never be lonely. Eventually, she grew attached to the half-cyborg girl, and formed a crush on her.

Throughout her childhood, Kimimi suffered from servere childhood traumas. Being hated by her fellow school students for who she really was, she hid both her real self and her pain away, not wanting to be a burden. The worst incident, however, was when a group of schoolgirls began telling her she would never be loved by anyone, and, over a period of a couple of months, locked her in a cubicle with different boys, each of them being known as serious players and manwhores, and each of them more violent than the last, and ordered them to molest her. This eventually stopped when she was too broken to do anything with herself. This, in turn, started her obsession with cutting.