"You deserve a police force that won;t give up on your case!"
Wordplay name K00
Aliases Kono
Age 24
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth June 1st
Occupation Freelance Policeman
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Konono (コノノ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is the Technical Specialist (技術専門家, Gijutsu Semmōnka) and leader of the K-FLASH Squad.


Konono is a take no prisoners kind of guy. When on a mission, no foolishness will be tolerated. Though, he can also relax. He enjoys getting to know his acquaintances and making small talk. He has an immense knowledge of technology. He has many useful gadgets such as RC cameras, special kinds of explosives, and many other items best used for spying on enemies.


Konono is a Keronian who is not fully matured. He is an ocean green shade wearing a hat that turns toward his face. The symbol on his hat and stomach is a battery referencing his technical prowess.


Konono had a normal life on Keron as a child. He had a loving mother and father who taught him to always stand up for himself and don't wimp out on important things. Even as an adult, he never did.

Lil' Kunono

Young Konono

Tragedy struck when he was 23. His mother was murdered by an unknown culprit. The rule in his area of Keron states that if there are no plausible suspects within 6 months of the crime, the case is closed. Whoever murdered her, he left next to no evidence of it. Konono hated this rule, and protested it greatly, but it did not work. The rule was never changed.

That was the last straw. There was nothing he could do to find his mom's killer, but he didn't want anyone else to be given the proverbial bird by this incompetent police force. He felt it was his duty to make his own police force, and never turn down a case, and never close a case. He put an ad in an underground black market weapons catalog and quickly got volunteers. Four other fed up frogs joined his squad: Sojojo, Keriri, Taroro, and Kraninin.


  • Can detect lies and find out the truth in an instant.


  • Without his gadgets, he becomes much less useful.

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