Don't hold back, let it all out!
Wordplay name KYY
Aliases Mr. Nice Guy, Sūki jr.
Age 22
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Keron Army Soldier
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He is a staff sergeant and a weapon specialist from the Keron Army. He is a member of Kyoruru Platoon.

Koyuyu (コユユ) is a fan-character from the series Keroro Gunso.

Character Edit

A carefree keronian, has a big heart and is kind to a lot of people. Basically, treat him nice, he'll treat you nice.

Likes encouraging his comrades, sister and fellow platoon members. Observes problems well before solving them. Doesn't get angered easily, The angriest he could get is raising his voice a few octaves higher. Cannot hold a grudge on anybody for too long.

Hard working and courageous. Laid-back and takes life easy.

Statistics Edit

  • Good, average health.
  • Blood type is A.
  • Physically strong.
  • Eyesight is a bit below average, uses his goggles to help him in various tasks and while on the battlefield.
  • Fairly good IQ, good at math and physics.
  • Great observing skills

History Edit

A bit spoiled and bratty as a child, constantly bickering with his elder sister Sūki. But since one incident where Koyuyu fell into a well when he was 8 and wasn't heard for two days. Sūki is the only one who went out to find him and saved him when she did so. Since then, they mended their sibling bond. They were both assigned to the Kyoruru Platoon

He got the scar from a flight accident.

Appearance Edit

He has a brilliant cyan skin and brilliant sap green eyes. Has a small scar on his right cheek from an accident. Wears a light yellow cap with four square earflaps, and bright red goggles. Wears two red belts that crosses each other, united with an X-shaped belt head that is used to carry bigger weapons. Emblem is a cloud.

Relationships Edit

General Saikaka (カエリ の サメ, Kaeru no Same) Edit

Sees them as a superior, respects them a lot. His batch was under their training so he knows some things about them. Considers them as a good mentor.

Lieutenant Kyoruru Edit

Has a major respect for him. Knows him before since he's one of his sister's close friends for a long time. They play board games with eachother. Doesn't mind when others accidentally swaps their names.

Sergeant Major Sūki Edit

His elder sister. Was not in good terms with her in the past but they've made up and are very close to eachother. Gets kinda annoyed when called as 'Lil' Sūki', "Sūki Jr" and the like.

Ensign Yanene Edit

Very friendly with eachother, makes puns and terrible jokes a lot and shares stories and vent to eachother sometimes. Yanene likes helping him with his weaponry, also telling and suggesting him what to use for a battle. Fought over a taiyaki before.

Warrant Officer Hiyogo Edit

They respect each other a lot and play console games when not on duty. They go on a guy's night out often and sometimes with Kyoruru when he's with them. Knows him before since he's one of his sister's close friends for a long time.

-more later-

Abilities Edit

  • Is able to attack on land and when airborne precisely with his favorite weapon, Bazooko.
  • Can cook delicious food and do house chores pretty good

Strengths Edit

  • Observant
  • Very precise
  • Optimistic
  • Very dexterous

Weakness Edit

  • Does not care about nothing else when he's very near to a goal, even if it's about his friends.
  • Has a vertigo, which is why he doesn't go airborne very often.

What Others Calls Her Edit

What they call Koyuyu What Koyuyu calls them
Kyoruru Koyuyu-san, Gunsō, Koyuyu-dono, Kyu-kun, Sūki Jr Taichō-dono, Chūi-san, Kyo-tan, Kyoro-dono, Kyonii (past)
Sūki Koyuyu, Nii-san, lilbrolmao, Koyuyu-chan, Spoiled brat (past) Aneki, Sūkinee, Sōchō-nee, Frog demon (past)
Yanene Koyu-san, Koyu-dono, Koyuyu, Gunsō-dono Yane-kun, Yanene-dono, Yanene, Yane-tan, Shōi-san
Hiyogo Koyuyu-kun, Koyuyu, Koyuyu-dono, brah, Mini Sūki, Gunsō Jun'i-kun, Hiyogo-dono, Hiyo-tan, Hiyogo, Hiyonii (past)
Saikaka Gunsō-san, Koyuyu-san, Koyuyu Same no Kaeru, Rikugun Taishō , Saikaka-tan, Saika-sensei (formerly)

Facts Edit

  • Average IQ, thus not very bright when it comes to academics.
  • Good at counting subjects (math, physics, etc.)
  • Likes fish dishes.
  • Likes cloud watching.

About the owner Edit

"Naval forces are powerful!"
Wordplay name Y22
Aliases Frog Fleet Leader
Age 22
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Keron Army
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Yanene (ヤネネ) is a fan-character from the series Keroro Gunso.
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