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Wordplay name L25
Aliases Lala, La-chan
Age 45 (currently)
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth 5-25
Occupation Keron Army Chief Medic (former), Day-clinic nurse-assistant (former), Academy Professor (current)
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(C) Keroro Gunsou/SGT Frog is owned by Mine Yoshizaki.                  

Background/Relationships  Edit

Lalele is a Cheif Medic that served in the Keronian VS. Mecha Viper war.

She is estranged from her parents, and the only one who she was close with in her family was her grandmother who passed away after teaching her how to be a medic; Lalele is in good relations with her brother, but is slightly on the tense side with her sister, Hiroro.

Later in life she marries her best friend Chirara and they retire on Keron and become a Professor at Community College.


  • Polite 
  • Intelligent 
  • Picky
  • Perfectionist 
  • Unromantic 

Lalele is a very shy Keron. Though, that does't mean she can't like things in an orderly fashion. She makes sure everything is prim and proper and it stays that way. That, or her OCD takes over and when it does she makes sure everyone suffers from it; one way or another! 

Medical Info 

Blood Type: B. 

Some scarring from battle wounds, when she had a miscarraige and when she had some surgeries. 

Has dry skin as well. 


Hiroro: Hiroro and Lalele had a mutual understanding with one another, they both hated their parents, and were both well - girls. Lalele was the only one who came up to Lalele an told her about her plans of becoming General of the army, which actually didn't shock her and she was supportive.

Jiwawa: Jiwawa was hard to get along with, but now that he's older he's calmed down. He still has a hard time getting past the fact he doesn't like Hiroro and when she's over for family reunions he always ignores her which tires Lalele greatly.

Chirara: Chirara is her best friend and later husband.


Nicoco (adopted son). 

Balele (adopted son). 

Chirara (husband). 

Jiwawa (brother).

Hiroro (sister).

Jiroro (grandfather).

Lukiki (grandmother).

Hanini (father).

Other information



Bleeding to death. 


Death in general. 


Talking to herself.

Picking at dead skin.

Scratching at old scars/open wounds


Color: Lilac.

Food: Anything deep fried.

Season: Winter.

Holiday: Halloween. 







Spicy food



Dogs. (not little ones!)

Rainy Weather.

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