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Name: Leafyfy Age: 15-16 Species: Keronian- Tree frog

Job: Apprentice At DREAM.

Family: His Adoptive Dad is Epapa. About: When Leafyfy was born, He was Abandoned on the Steps of Small Family's Door. At First, They Treated Him With Kindness until He reached The Age of 4 Which was When They Began treating Him as a Servant. They Took away His Toys and His Bed, Leaving Him With a Dark Room and a Blanket. He Was Forced to Clean, Cook and Stay out Of The way. That's When He Was Then Sent to an Orphanage after They Were discovered Forcing him with Such labor. He was Practically Miserable within the orphanage Until The Day Epapa Came. The Lady of The Orphanage Called him in About Children Continuously Having Nightmares Which led him in to Investigate. At First, Leafyfy Expected Him to Simply Ignore Him while He Worked with Other Children but When He Began Speaking to Him, They Hit it off Nicely. When He finished His Job, He Told Leafyfy He was More than Welcome to Call Him at Any Time. Leafyfy did Call Almost Everyday on the Phone in the Orphanage, Growing Their bond Until Epapa Came Again and Adopted Him. Leafyfy Can Be Very Hyper and Tends to Go overboard with his Actions but He Will Always Apologize whenever He knows He went too Far especially with Pranks. He's a bit of a Trickster as Well, From Fake Vomit to Stink Bombs, He Thinks he's Pretty Funny. His Tongue Sticks out Constantly but Its not known Why. He Also has an Obsession with Building Planes in His Spare Time hence Why he wears Pilot Goggles All the Time. Other Note: Leafyfy owns a Brown Kitten named Truffles Who Tends to Appear Randomly on His head Even When Isn't Home. We Suspect the Cat is a Ninja or Merely Robotic as its never been seen Eating before.

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