"Don't you touch my Lollipops!"
Wordplay name 6LL
Age 13
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth Unknown
Occupation Keron Army soldier
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Lolili (ロリリ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is a Private 3rd Class (三等兵 Santōhei) of the Tsukiki Platoon. She's a very young, and hyper Keronian.


Lolili is a member of the Tsukiki Platoon. She came to Earth/Pekopon(Pokopen) with everyone, to basically watch over the Armpit Platoon/Keroro Platoon. However, being just a kid, she prefers to just run around town, making friends with animals and random things, like a pretty Festival Lantern. She's never seen without her Lollipops and she can't stand it when someone steals them. She has the most high pitched cry you can ever imagine. Also, she keeps sucking on her Lollipops nonstop, making annoying sounds that way. Usually, she's very friendly and assumes she can just hug onto someone after just meeting them and might call them her buddy.


Berry red Keronian with light purple markings and pink eyes that have swirls in them. Lolili wears a Purple hat with Lollipops attached to it for easy grabbing. Her mark is a flesh colored upside down triangle with a blue dot below. She also has a Tadpole Tail.


There's not much to know about her history. She's mostly been around Masasa and had an early start as a Private.


Giroro: Likes to hug him randomly, like everyone and asks him to play with her every now and then.

Keroro: Likes to mess with his Gundams(Gunpla) to get him to play.

Tamama: Has a small crush on him. But it's just a little girl thing.

Kululu/Kururu: Only one she doesn't want to hang around for too long, because his glare at times scares her.

Masasa: Adores her! Lolili always wants to be close to Masasa, because she looks up to her.

Miriri: Likes to play hide and seek with her, but gets frustrated that Miriri usually wins.

Nariri: Clings to her leg a lot, making her Trip, which Lolili thinks is very amusing.

Kilala: Is jealous of her when she hangs around Masasa and for some reason doesn't really like playing with her.

Aki: Falls asleep on her a lot.

Natsumi: Loves to eat her food.

Fuyuki: Bothers him with 'What is this and that?' while he's studying, a lot..

Momoka: Asks her a bunch of stuff about Tamama.

Koyuki: Thinks that she's really funny and laughs at her nonsense jokes uncontrollably.

Kojiji: Wants to play with him a lot, wanting to be his little kid.

Dororo: Sometimes plays with him, when she spots him. Which is...not very often...


Lolili really has no abilities, yet, except for sticking her sticky Lollipops on Enemies, which they hate.


Stays happy for hours and can make people smile when they're down.


-Having her Lollipops stolen.

-Can be very annoying to others.


Became a Leader of a Platoon. Anything else is unknown, for now.

Calling Lolili

NameWhat they call LoliliWhat Lolili calls them
Keroro Private 3rd Class Lolili Keroro, Silly one
Tamama Private 3rd Class Lolili, Annoying Girl Tamama, Candy Boy, Sweet thing
Giroro Private 3rd Class Lolili, Kiddo, Giroro, Fun Guy
Kururu Lolili, Kid Kululu, That guy with the Glasses
Dororo Private 3rd Class LoliliDororo and anything else that might sound like his name
Pururu Private 3rd Class LoliliPururu
Aki Little Lolili Mama Aki
Fuyuki Lolili Fuyuki
Natsumi Lolili Natsumi
Mois Lolili Mois
Momoka (Nice Side) Lolili Momoka
Momoka (Mean Side) Annoying Brat
Koyuki LoliliKoyuki, Jokester Chick
Kojiji LoliliDaddy Kojiji
Masasa Lolili Masasa, Sis
Nariri Private 3rd Class Lolili, LoliliNariri
Tsukiki Lolili Tsukiki
Kilala Private 3rd Class Lolili, Lolili Kilala
Miriri Private 3rd Class Lolili, Lolili Miriri

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