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I drew this mahselfs!


Lunini is an orikero. She is very young (16 years), but is strong, as well as skilled. Her symbol is a yellow crescent moon. Her favorite color is yellow, and she is pretty disappointed that she doesn't have more of it on her. She idolizes Giroro and is always working on her marksmanship, hoping one day to impress him, but she's much better with knives, rather than guns. Some of her talents are drawing, singing, and gymnastics, because she is very flexible. She is really good at video games, specifically MineCraft, but that's because she is always on the computer. She likes sweets, particularly cupcakes, but she also loves Pocky.


Raised in a poor family of eight, she didn't know the luxury of privacy. She didn't have her own room. In fact, she shared a room with her three little sisters, Kimumu, Lolili, and Meloli. She was the oldest daughter, so she was expected to help her mom, Kuhino, with the cooking and cleaning. Her mother passed away soon after her youngest brother, Jokiki, was born. This meant that she was the woman of the house, and she ha to take care of her family. Once she taught Kimumu how to cook and clean successfully, she went off to military school to chase her dream of traveling the universe with a platoon of her own, just like Giroro. She is still currently in military school.


Mother ~ Kuhino (deceased)

Father ~ Rokiki

Brothers ~ Jokiki (2 Years) Lukimo (17 Years)

Sisters ~ Lolili (5 Years) Meloli (8 Years) Kimumu (13 Years)

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