Macoco (Makoko) is a young artist keronian.

"...What the?"
Wordplay name M55
Aliases Wierdo
Age 10
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Artist
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Macoco is the leader of the Macoco Corps. and is probabaly the youngest keronian to ever be first in command. He loves drawing with his colored pencils, and, just like Putata, whenever he snaps his drawings come to life. He can also summon his subbordinates by drawing them, to.

He is very mischivious, and he often pranks his friend Exisisi because sometimes he draws awkward watermelons on his head while he sleeps. His symbol is a blue circle with black around it with two black triangles on his stomach, and on his hat it's the same thing exept it's grey and has lost it's bottom point.


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