Owner of Marara's Herb and Flower Shop
Wordplay name N/A
Aliases Mara
Age 23
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth February 3rd
Occupation Florist
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Marara (マララ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is a Florist (花屋, Hanaya) from planet Keron. She is also the Informational Associate (アソシエイト情報, Asoshieito jōhō) for the K-FLASH Squad


Marara is a care-free, peace loving Keronian. She owns a small, but successful, flower shop on Keron. She grows all of her products in her own garden at home, which she takes very good care of. She loves the flora and animals of Keron as well as Pekopon. She hopes someday to visit Pekopon and swim with their whales, as long as the invasion keeps the ecosystem safe.


She is a light blue, not fully matured Keronian. She wears a red hat, and the symbol on her hat and stomach is a black triangle.


She was a very sweet little girl when she was young. She was very popular in school and had many friends. Marara moved to a house next to Konono, another Keronian. They instantly hit it off and became great friends. They someday hope to be more than that. Marara has a huge crush on Konono, and Konono feels the same


Konono helps around Marara's flower shop

way to her. He is aware of her love for him due to his ability to detect lies and find truths and other facts about the lier. She saw deep in her mind and found the part that wanted her and him to be together forever. They are each very subtle about their crushes. Konono also likes helping Marara around the shop

In 2008, Konono's mother was murdered. The culprit was never determined or found and the case was closed after six months. Konono then decided to start his own team of freelance police known as the K-FLASH Squad. Marara wanted to help however she could. So, Konono was able to silently hack the police department's computer and get information about many criminals and other people, so she would brief the squad on the suspects and others involved over a microphone.


Konono- Madly in love with him. He feels the same way to her.

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