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Maya Tsubasa
Wordplay name M26
Aliases The Jaguar Queen
Age 14
Gender Female
Species / Type Human
Occupation Student
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Maya Tsubasa (翼マヤ Tsubasa Maya) is one of the main characters in the series Keroro Gunso: The Next Generation. She is the partner of Karara and, as she calls herself, the "Jaguar Queen".


Maya comes from a mixed family. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Mexican. Maya likes to explore her cultural identity and discover new things about the Mexican side of her family. After she learned that her ancient ancestors (on her mother's side) were part of a tribe called the Mayans, she realized that she could have some Mayan blood in her as well, and thought the fact that her name was the same as an ancient tribe's was really cool. She lives in a luxurious condominium since her parents are very wealthy. But even though she comes from a rich family and has everything given to her, Maya isn't very satisfied and wants to live her own life. She always dreams of going on great adventures and learning new things about her ancestors' culture. Her most notable points are her great acrobatic abilities, artistic talents, and her friendship with Private Third Class Karara. She calls Karara Little Frog Princess (小さなカエルの王女 Chiisana Kaeru no Ōjo). She also loves animals, especially ones that live in jungles and rainforests, and wants to help protect them and their environments. She is also very clever with her hands, as likes to make clay ceramics, wood carvings, and paintings, and she is currently trying to teach herself how to craft weapons that ancient Mayans used, like slings and spears.

During her grade-school days, Maya was made fun of by other kids because of her half-Mexican heritage and nicknamed "Maya Papaya", though she got used to it when she reached middle school. She has a crush on a boy named Eijiro, who actually accepts the fact that she is biracial. She also likes music and listening to the radio, and her favorite kind of music is lo-fi hip-hop.


When Maya was born, her mother named her "Maya", after her ancestors' civilization. When Maya was little, she enjoyed pretending to be the queen of a rainforest tribe called The Silver Jaguars. Some of her friends thought her tribal queen stories were fun and wanted to join in, but one day, a bully who had overheard Maya tell her stories decided she had heard enough and attacked Maya. Suddenly, a lost little Keronian called Karara saw what was going on and decided to jump in to save Maya. She used "Karara Impact" and to successfully defeat that bully. Maya was amazed by how powerful Karara was and decided to adopt her as a pet. Now, with Karara by her side, Maya has become much stronger and wants to show everyone she knows that she can be a real Jaguar Queen.


Maya is intelligent, funny, and empathetic. Her overall pleasant and amusing personality makes her a very likable person. In addition, she has brains, always being willing to learn more. She doesn't judge someone before she gets to know them, and no matter the person, she tries to be friendly to them, unless, of course, they betray her trust. She is a talkative, happy person, who enjoys sharing experiences and the things she loves with others. She is also quite the artist and likes to do brilliant sketches of her favorite animals or people she comes across every day. Even though she might not be the most aggressive of people, she can think quickly on her feet to solve a problem. Needless to say, her intelligence and empathy are her greatest weapons. All she wants is to see every creature treated with respect and kindness. It's her priority in life to understand the wild, the animals that inhabit it, and protect them from harm. She doesn't like people taking advantage of someone and hurting the ones they love. She has an amazing way of communicating and her loyalty never wavers.


Maya has tan skin and large, green round eyes. She also has long, wavy dark brown hair that she wears loose with a side ponytail held by a mint green scrunchie. Her forelocks curve inward to frame her face, and she has a few strands acting as bangs at the middle of her forehead.

She wears a brown solid crop top, indigo shorts with a yellow jacket, and white boots.

In winter, Maya wore a mint green shirt with long sleeves with a mauve dress, held by a lavender button. This was paired with blue leggings and a pair of flat pale green boots with a purple line toward the bottom along with loose pink legwarmers with yellow bands on top.


  • Elena Tsubasa - Maya's mother.
  • Aoi Tsubasa - Maya's father.
  • Yukiho Hinata - Maya's friend.
  • Karara - Maya's partner.


Tsubasa: From 翼 (tsubasa) meaning "wing".

Maya: Given in reference to the Maya, an indigenous people of southern Mexico and parts of Central America whose civilization flourished between the 3rd and 8th centuries.