Wordplay name M56
Aliases N/A
Age 60 in Keronian Years
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth September 23
Occupation Keron Army Soldier
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Mikoro is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. She is a Corporal (伍長, Gochō) of the Falala Platoon She is best friends with Tamama and has a crush on Dororo.


She is obsessed with bombs and explosions, as her younger brother nearly died in an explosion. Her memory of the event was erased, including all memories of her brother, but she still slightly remembers it, therefore she goes insane whenever she's near a bomb.


She is a pink female Keronian with a yellow cap. Her symbol is a red tensed vein symbol.


She is healthy, but is traumatized from her brother's serious accident. Her blood type is AB.


She was famous for being able to take on 7 Vipers at once and win by blowing them up on Keron.


Her parents were both warriors, and she was extremely close to her brother, Fantamo. One day, when they went out on a mission together, a giant boulder fell from the ceiling on top of him. She ran for help, but guards stopped her from coming back. She was panicking because she thought Fantamo was dead. Since she was one of the best warriors there, the army couldn't have her like this in case they couldn't save him, so they wiped the event off her memory instantly. Meanwhile, soldiers saved Fantamo by blowing up the rock. At the exact moment Mikoro's memory was completely washed, she heard the explosion. The noise of the explosion stuck in her brain and that caused her obsession with explosions.


Her best friend is Tamama, and she has a crush on Dororo. She has a brother named Fantamo, a mother named Kakeke, and a father named Maxoxo.


She's a master pyrotechnist. She can even make her own bombs.


She is very strong, and is great with TNT.


She goes nuts whenever she hears an explosion, and passes out whenever she tries to remember her brother.

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