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Mitsu Hachiya
Wordplay name B•E•E
Aliases Little Bumblebee
Age 8
Gender Female
Species / Type Pollenian
Date of birth April 7th
Occupation Alien princess
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Mitsu Hachiya (蜂谷蜜 Hachiya Mitsu) is a major character in Keroro Gunso: The Next Generation. She is a humanoid alien from the planet Pollen and wants to become the next "Queen Bee".



Mitsu was a princess born on Pollen, a flower-themed planet with bumblebee-like inhabitants that produce honey to give to other planets in the universe. When Mitsu was younger, she was destined to become the next Queen Bee of Pollen. She was very excited that she would rule her planet when she grew up, so she did everything she could to make sure she would earn her title. When she was five years old, she discovered that she had healing powers and could bring dead plants back to life with just the touch of a finger. Her parents discovered this, too, and they were absolutely delighted because there weren't many Pollenians with that special kind of power. They knew that Mitsu's newfound powers would be useful once she became the next queen, as it would help other Pollenians who were sick or wounded. But one day, after Mitsu turned eight, her parents discovered that she seemed more interested in making plants grow and reviving dead ones rather than looking after the kingdom, and she wasn't quite responsible enough, so they decided to send her to Earth (aka Pekopon) to learn how to take care of the environment properly without having to use her healing powers so much. After Mitsu's spaceship landed on Pekopon, the first person she met was Yukiho, because she landed in the backyard of the Hinata House. Mitsu didn't know very much about Pekopon and thought it seemed much different from her home planet, so Yukiho decided to help her out. Mitsu quickly bonded with Yukiho, giving her the nickname Miss Snowflake (雪 様 Yuki-Sama). Soon, Mitsu decided she would help other Pekoponians by using her healing powers when they got sick or injured, or just lending a hand if they ever needed her assistance. She would also mask her identity by using the surname "Hachiya". She simply couldn't wait to get started.

A few days later, Mitsu decided she wanted to attend school with Yukiho and pretend to be a foreign exchange student. So, she went to the Hinata House to explain her plan to Yukiho. Yukiho was very excited that her new friend was going to join her at school, hoping that she would discover more powers she didn't know she had. Later that evening, Mitsu was sitting outside counting the stars, and she started to feel sad because they reminded her of how much she missed her home and her family. Fuyuki tells Mitsu that it's okay to feel homesick, but he knows that once she learns to control her powers and learn to be responsible, she will be able to go home in no time. Fuyuki then gives Mitsu a little gift, which is a necklace with a honeycomb-shaped charm. Mitsu is very happy to revive this special necklace because it reminds her of home.


  • Yukiho Hinata - Mitsu has been friends with Yukiho ever since she landed on Pekopon, and she calls her Miss Snowflake (Yuki-Sama) as an affectionate term. However, it appears that Mitsu seems to love Yukiho as more than just a friend, and might have a bit of a crush on her, doing whatever she asks to make her happy. In one episode, she is really sad when she hears Yukiho telling her mother that she wants to marry Ayumu, and almost commits suicide by pointing a laser gun at her head before being stopped by Aki and Natsumi.


Mitsu has pale skin, brown hair with honey yellow highlights worn in twin buns, and orange eyes. She wears a yellow sweater with black stripes, a yellow skirt with dark brown leggings, and light brown puffy boots. As a Pollenian, she also has prominent bumblebee-like traits, which are bumblebee wings, a stinger, and a small pair of antennae. In her powered-up form, she wears a honeycomb-inspired black bodysuit with a yellow and black color scheme. She also wears a white belt and orange and black boots, as well as a pair of orange armlets.


Mitsu is a very sweet, social, and docile person. However, she doesn't let herself get pushed around and doesn't hesitate to get her friends involved. She wishes to lend a helping hand to those in a sticky situation and she stings like a bee during combat. Her bursts of anger, while intense, are rather short and take a lot out of her, so she relies on her friends to back her up. Her actions, while not too drastic, may leave an impact on whoever angered her, and her words may stay with them even after the confrontation is over, which is why people must be careful around her and try not to make her mad. But even though Mitsu has a short temper sometimes, she does have a big heart.


Hachiya: From 蜂 (hachi) meaning "bee, wasp" and 谷 (ya) meaning "valley".

Mitsu: From 蜜 (mitsu) meaning "honey".