The Nanunu Platoon (ナヌヌ小隊, Nanunu Shōtai) is a group of original charcters from Keroro Gunso. It consists of six Keronian members that vary in age, rank, and occupation. They work together with any platoon for help/service.

Enlisted MembersEdit

Leader/Assassin: Nanunu
Sargent Major: Cocoma
Chief Medic/Admiral: Nami (or Angol Nami or Nakeke)
Corporal: Natsusu (originally Natsumi)
Lance Corporal: Koyuyu (originally Koyuki)
Private 1st Class: Mamumu


Any Platoon/Corps that needs help



Nanunu Platoon
Nanunu · Cocoma · Nami · Natsutsu · Koyuyu · Mamumu
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