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Wordplay name 866
Aliases Earth
Age 8-9
Gender Female
Species / Type Kiruru Form Keronian
Occupation Student
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Pamara (パマラ) is an female fan-character of the Keroro Gunso series. She is an 8 to 9 year old Kiruru form Keron girl who is the daughter of Future Trunks Timeline Pamaru and Future Trunks Timeline Kiruru.


Like her mother, Pamara is a helpful, energentic, and full of life itself. Unlike her mother's main timeline counterpart, she is not much as emotional but she is an strong young girl.

She likes doing exersice and sports just like her mother, and she is an strict hardworking, and also good at doing chores, even a bit better than her mother. Also, she is a smart girl and likes studying, and also likes helping peoples around. She also had a very strange illness she recovered from eariler but she still has the after effects of the illness, which is to give her very gruesome nightmares, having an temporally slight headache after waking up from her nightmares, bring up bad days in her life, and even make her personality sinister.


Pamara is an Kiruru form Keron girl who her appearance is bear smiliar to her mother Pamaru and wears the same flower Pururu and Pamaru weared it when she was young. Her emblem is same as her mother's, but reversed.

Her main timeline's self's eyes is different colored when she was born, with her left eye being yellow-orange, while her right eye being blue, or purple, just like her mother. While, her Future Trunks timeline's self's eyes is both orange or yellow.



Pamara have a great respect on her great-uncle Kululu, and well... Pamara can smiles like Kululu.


Pamara and Pamaru is mother-daughter relationship, and she sees the present counterpart of her mother as aunt. For the normal timeline counterpart, Pamara and Pamaru are best friends.

Also, the same name of main timeline Pamara's daughter and her mother is great mother-daughter relationship.


Pamara and Kiruru is father-daughter relationship, thought sometimes they quarrel and eventually forgive each other. Also, Pamara sees the present counterpart of her father as uncle. For the normal timeline counterpart, Pamara and Kiruru are not often talking to each other commonly, but Pamara is secretly liked him.

Also, the same name of main timeline Pamara's daughter and her mother is mother-daughter relationship. As such, Pamara likes call Kiruru "girl," which she embarassed about. They're also not often talking to each othet commonly.

Pimimi and Pamari[]

Pamara and Pimimi and Pamari were best friends ever. Pamara would often help Pimimi and Pamari up sometimes.


Pamara sees Fuwawa as her "annoying but great" sister, because Fuwawa often treats Pamara better but she refuses.


Main Timeline Pamara and Korara were best friends. And... they were also bears pyshic powers and both also an guardian of earth too. They sometimes in sparring match or training it will be ends in a tie or Pamara loses, but she felt that's okay thought.

Airara and Airiri[]

Pamara and Airara and Airiri were not met, so it's currently unknown.

Baruru and "Pamaru"[]

Pamara and Bamaru and "Pamaru" were also not met, so it's currently unknown.


Pamara and Pamira were even also not met, so it's currently unknown.


Medical equipment: Like her mother and Pimimi, Pamara can use her medical tools to heal others or hurt them even more.

Pyshic Powers: Like her mother, Pamara can know everything in the past. Only in the main timeline, Pamara can uses her pyshic powers to read everyone's minds, move things, attack foes, and EVEN ASSIMILATE THEM BY ABSORBING THEM BY SUMMONING THE BLACK FOG TO SUCK THEM IN.

Strength: She can hold heavier objects just like her mother.

Age Shift: Somehow, Pamara can grow up to an 9-year old Keron girl sometimes, and revert back to her normal age sometimes.

Traumatic Switch: Even though she rarely use her dark personality as a advantage when she gets mad, she gets MAD.


  • Getting praises from her friends and family.
  • Hanging out with her friends/family and defending them.
  • Doesn't give up easily
  • Loyal to those close to her, and will do anything for them
  • She will do anything for the people she loves, even sacrifice her own life or get seriously damaged.
  • Spirit


  • She afraid of evil peoples, criminals, and Korean peoples.
  • She hates banana/banana peels, because she would slip on it.
  • Being embrassed.
  • Her dark personality.
  • Her family/friends getting hurt, and even killed off.
  • Getting scared by her nightmares.
  • Feels weird/weak whenever she's around Fuwawa. (However, that's not in the case of the main timeline version.)
  • For the main timeline's self, Pamara is being embrassed about being an Christmas gift at her birthday, unlike Pamaru.
  • Bedwetting. (However, that's not in the case of the Future Trunks timeline version.)
  • Sometimes she hallucinates and sees Pamaru in her dreams.
  • Her worst nightmare is Kiruru gets killed off, disappeared, or being evil.

Main Timeline Self[]

  • Being scared of the dark only in her nightmares (a bit.)
  • Being scared of watching herself (either in mirror, or etc.) sometimes rarely
  • Being scared of death, despite seems rarely
  • Being scared of being blind
  • Being an crybaby in her sleep

Alternative Selfs[]

Main Timeline[]

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In the main timeline, Pamara is the descendant of Pamaru and Kiruru in the December of 24 of year 9001, where the world is almost over. Unlike her original self, her personality is close to Pamaru, but still retaining some of her original personalities, and etc. (However, main timeline's Pamara is still the "same Pamaru") Pamara often stay with Kululu, Pamaru and Kiruru after using her time machine to go back to past where Pamaru is still an 8-years old, and would never go back to her timeline FOREVER.

Unlike her Future Trunks timeline self, she is an otaku who loves manga and anime.


It might be not much known at the time, but she will having married and having two daughters (who resembles Pamaru and Kiruru) soon as she grow up into an adult.

When Pamaru and Main Timeline Pamara's pregnant, they started to got lazier and lazier as they bellies got bigger and rounder (and their cheeks are even seems chubbier a bit, somehow strange), causing their husbands to do all of the chores for them, and the both were got resting at home. After the twin daughters is born, Pamaru and Main Timeline Pamara is now no longer being lazier (but still a bit lazy) and restored their jobs later.

Calling Pamara[]

Name What they call Pamaru What Pamaru calls them
Kululu Pamara
Great Uncle
Great Uncle Kululu
Kiruru Pamara
Kiruru/Kiruru-san (Only her normal timeline self could say it)
Fuwawa Pamara
Crazy girl (Only her normal timeline self could say it)
Pamaru Pamara
Pamaru/Pamaru-chan (Only her normal timeline self could say it)
Pimimi Pamara
Pamari Pamara
Pamaru (Main Timeline Pamara's daughter) Mama
Kiruru (Main Timeline Pamara's daughter) Mother