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"ZOMFG evil vomit from hell!"
Wordplay name P22
Aliases Pani, Pamimi
Age 13
Gender Transgender
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth August 4th
Occupation Keron Army Soldier/Artist
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Panini (パニニ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. She is an Artist (画家, Gaka). Her army rank is unknown.


Her character is similar to Putata's, But she does not say "yeah" or "yo". She loves to rhyme, though.




Panini is an Inch Worm yellow green transgender gay Keronian with adult marks. She wears a yellow cap like Pururu's. She has heterochromia. Her left eye is blue, and her right eye is purple, She also has spots on her body, She has a black ink splatter on her right cheek. Her badge and belly emblems are ink blots. She wears a red bandanna around her neck with a black "P" on it. She has purple spots on her left eye, her torso, and her right leg. She has blue spots on her left arm, her right shoulder, and her left hand.




Panini was orphaned in the streets back when she was still an egg. Being raised and cared for by other homeless people, she eventually became a huge fan of graffiti. She once found a Nyororo cub and cared for it and named it Mikush (named after her dead brother Mikuku who died from a disease).

She was later diagnosed with a deadly blood disease which killed her mother 2 days after her birth.


Master Painter Putata: Her teacher

Mikush the Nyororo: Her Nyororo. She named him after her dead brother Mikuku.

Paranormal mummy Zerere: Her Secret crush


  • She has the same painting abilities like Putata.
  • She also has the ability to know who is lying and who is not.


  • Sometimes she hallucinates and sees her brother Mikuku in her dreams. He teaches her things he couldn't teach her before he died.
  • Panini doesn't have any strength except the strength her will gives her when she's fighting for the sake of a friend or family


  • Her weakness are cupcakes
  • When she's tired.
  • Sometimes Mikush attacks her and sucks her moisture out.

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