Private Gary was a human soldier, not to be confused with Keronian armed forces. He is known for carrying around a double-barreled shotgun in the almost extinct 8-gauge. The only reason he is a private is because he hates being behind the lines, preferring to be in the thick of the action turning his enemies into red mist in 1 shot. The shotgun itself is one of a kind, made by Gary himself and used for 5 years by him, after 10 before that in a shed. He recently discovered a Keronian, and without thinking turned it into pulp. The next day, he was abducted by them and was briefly a test subject on their ship. He was injected with Keronian DNA, and then turned into one after being injected with (insert secret conversion formula here). He remembered his human life, and staged a jailbreak with other convertees, reclaiming his shotgun and then attempting to fire it, surprisingly not knocking him back. He then escaped and fell into the atmosphere. He again survived miraculously and started a blind killing spree for no reason. He is now in custody in Area 51, being poked with sticks by scientists. The shotgun itself is almost impossible to fire,   as the knockback can be deadly. In fact, Gary is the only known person/Keronian to be able to actually use it.

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