Wordplay name P42
Age 19
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth June 9th
Occupation Nurse in Training
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Purkiki is a fan character in the series Keroro gunso .


Purkiki has lost her left eye, had her left arm amputated, and her left leg suffers from deep wounds, giving her a limp. Her blood type is B Positive.


Purkiki is a pink keronian with a dark pink hat with several layers of flaps. An eye patch-like flap comes over her left eye, and stitches can be seen coming from her left eye as well. the ends of her limbs are dark pink with a blocky outline. Her right arm has a bright pink bracelet on it, and her left arm is absent. Her left leg is wrapped in bandages. A symbol of a circle with a "X" in the middle is located on her hat, and on her stomach.

(more information coming soon)