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Wordplay name P66
Age 9
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Puroro is an fan character of Keroro Gunso.


  • He's prefer to say "gero" than "puro", and always say "de arimasu" after he say something.
  • He's hardworking, good at doing chores, sometimes childish and naughty, but he's a really good leader. He also seems to be stubborn at times.
  • But unlike Keroro, he didn't have an interest in Gunpla. but he likes to collect some toys, and likes to play soccer (boys will be boys~). He loves water and really hates nyororo, just like his father.
  • Like Pururu, he can turn into a human.


His skin color is purple (from Pururu). I know that many peoples told me that Pururu is pink. SHE'S NOT PINK, SHE'S VIOLET! UwU 💦💦

He wears a yellow hat like Pururu. And his afro is also black (from Keroro and his mom)


  • Kerara and Puroro are brother-sister relationship.