The Pyroro Platoon (ピロロ小隊 Piroro Shōtai) is a fan based Orikero platoon for Keroro Gunso. It focuses mainly on fire and electric based attacks. Some of the members also focus on stealth for sneaking up on their enemies. They are also known as the Chaos Platoon for what they do sometimes. The platoon consists of five members. The Pyroro Platoon isn't specified a rank in the Keron Army . It is named after their leader like most other platoons.

The Pyroro Platoon is cautious of what they do and thinks things over before they act. Mistakes will occur now and then but the entire platoon always has a plan B just in case things go wrong.

Once, the entire platoon split apart after Shinene became a thief. Everyone ditched each other and lived their own lives. However, Shinene was the only one kicked out of the Keron Army. The platoon slowly gathered back up with Shinene being the last one to get back in the platoon.

Ranked MembersEdit

Unranked MembersEdit



  • Paruru and her friends
  • Keroro Platoon (after a while)


  • Traitor and his men
  • Many other evil Keronians trying to destroy/take over Keron


  • Garuru Platoon
  • Keroro Platoon (at first)

About the owner Edit

  • Taffer on Keroro World Forums
Pyroro Platoon
Ranked members Pyroro · Shashushu · Denkiki · Tomeme
Unranked members Shinene
Allies Paruru and her friends · Keroro Platoon (after a while)
Enemies Traitor and his men · Many other evil Keronians trying to destroy/take over Keron
Neutral Garuru Platoon · Keroro Platoon (at first)
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